Your Aging Parent Needs Help: Why Aren’t You Considering Assisted Living Communities in OKC?

April 21st, 2016 by John Wilson

Mom may be struggling to make her weekly run to the grocery store without getting lost on the way home. Dad seems to be doing ok, but every month he has one of his falls, you become more nervous. The realization finally hits you, mom and dad need affordable assisted living.

Your parents may not require daily medical attention. They might be able to function without care in many ways, but there may be a few needs. Most elderly people require more assistance than is available to them at home.

Signs Assisted Living Communities in OKC Are the Answer

If you’ve been curious about finding affordable assisted living facilities in the Oklahoma City area but were not sure about timing, here’s how to figure out if your parents are ready.

Full-Time Job

Taking care of your loved ones on a daily basis can be a full-time job. If your parents need help with more than one daily activity, it may be time to look for affordable assisted living.

The first signs to look for are bathing less frequently or the inability to do laundry or keep the house clean. Losing these abilities means your loved one has lost daily living skills.

No Social Life

Getting older is rough on one’s psyche because of the increased isolation. If your mom or dad seems to be getting depressed, it could be due to a lack of social life. If your loved ones just lost their ability to drive, they may struggle to find ways to interact with others.

Care for aging parents with affordable assisted living.

Affordable assisted living can help care for aging parents.

Safety Is a Concern

Aging can be dangerous. Falling is an all too common occurrence for the elderly. Bones are broken, and hips end up out of alignment. Forgetfulness can lead to problems, especially in the kitchen and with the bills. In reality, many seniors need someone to keep an eye on them in the case of an emergency.

In-Home Care Costs Too High

Often, our parents will be reluctant to move out of their homes. After all, it could be the home they spent the better half of their lives in raising a family. When in-home care becomes a financial concern, it may be time to looking into assisted living communities in OKC.

You Can’t Do It Alone

You love your parents, but you can’t do everything for them. You have a family to attend to. You have a career you’re striving to excel at. It’s not your duty to be a full-time caregiver. Once you experience caregiver fatigue, you may need to look at different options for your loved ones. It’s difficult to be a son or daughter, as well as a caregiver.

Looking for Affordable Assisted Living Facilities in the Oklahoma City Area?

If so, contact us at the Village at Oakwood. We strive to fulfill every one of your parent’s needs. Our facility offers world-class care in a loving and social environment.

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