You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty about Moving Your Loved Ones to Assisted Living: Part 2

September 22nd, 2016 by John Wilson

There comes a time in many adult children’s lives when the imminent conversation with their loved ones about moving into assisted living in Oklahoma City can’t be delayed any longer. If you are facing this conversation, it’s natural to feel guilty. Feeling emotional is justified. You and your loved ones are on the cusp of a new normal. You shouldn’t feel guilty, though. You are doing what is best for your loved ones, and, even more importantly, you are setting them up to enjoy their golden years in a safe, supportive environment.

It’s Healthy to Feel Emotional

There’s a saying, “Change is good.” That is often the case and is certainly the case when you’re moving an aging loved into one of the quality assisted living communities in OKC. Change may be for the best, but it can be frightening and even a bit painful. Embrace those feelings; they are normal, but don’t let them linger for long. The difficult emotions you and your loved one feel are natural. They’re part of the process of moving on in a healthy way. As you and your loved one go through belongings and pack for the move to assisted living, take the time to mourn a little for the past, but then take a deep breath and understand there is an entire exciting future in front of you both.

Find out how to help your loved one transition into assisted living.

Help your loved one transition into assisted living.

Be a Source of Strength Your Loved One Needs

Change is good, indeed. There’s another saying that’s relevant to a move to assisted living: “Attitude is everything.” Your aging relative needs you to make decisions to keep him happy and to remain strong and positive. When you were young and facing something unfamiliar, such as going away to college, your parents probably did all they could to comfort you. They assured you everything was going to be OK and reminded you of all of the positive aspects of your pending move. The best way to help your loved one transition into assisted living is to let go of your guilt and embrace the role of a positive pillar of strength.

Focus on the Positive

Sure, you might find it easy to feel guilty if you fixate on the things your parent will be giving up moving into assisted living. Instead, fixate on what he or she will be gaining! New friends and access to activities; compassionate, skilled caregivers; nutritious and delicious food; and new experiences await in senior living. There is much to look forward to for you both. When your loved one is settled in, he or she will be well cared for and you can breathe a sigh of relief you no longer have to worry so much.

When you’re considering buying a new home, you are careful to research your options to make sure you can afford what you’re getting and you’ll love living there. Take the same approach to choosing an assisted living facility. Not only does Village at Oakwood offer top-notch care and facilities, we strive to keep our prices low so all seniors can afford a great place to live. Contact us today to schedule a tour!

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