You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty about Moving Your Loved Ones to Assisted Living: Part 1

September 20th, 2016 by John Wilson

As with any major life change, transitioning from independent living to Oklahoma assisted living requires an adjustment period. It’s natural for you and your loved ones to feel sentimental and even sad as you both end one chapter of life. The good news? With every ending comes a new beginning. Don’t feel guilty about moving your loved ones to assisted living. When guilty feelings surface, just remind yourself you’ve made this decision with their best interests in mind and to keep them safe.

It’s Tough When Parent/Child Roles Shift

There comes a time in many parent-child relationships when the child takes on the role of caregiver for their parent. This can be frustrating for both parties. Just as your parent made important life changes on your behalf over the decades, you will need to make decisions in the best interest of your parent. Growing up, you probably resisted some of the decisions your parents made for you. Perhaps they insisted you get a job in high school, go to college or even learn a musical instrument. Looking back, how do you feel about those mandates now? You probably understand why your parents insisted you do certain things, and you probably feel thankful they did. Your loved one may initially resist your decision to move them to assisted living. They, too, will eventually come to understand the reasoning behind your decision and appreciate the wisdom of your choice.

Seniors will be engaged at senior living communities.

Senior living communities help seniors engage.

Assisted Living Will Actually Empower Your Loved One

One major reason caregivers feel guilty about moving their parents to one of the many senior living communities serving Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas is they feel they’re contributing to a loss of independence. Actually, assisted living will allow your elderly relative to thrive. Routine tasks that, when living alone, were stressful, taxing and time consuming are quick and easy with a bit of help from assisted living caregivers. Your loved ones will have more energy, time and motivation to spend their days on meaningful activities and interactions.

Assisted Living Will Keep Your Loved One Safe and Live a Longer, Happier Life

As you make choices for your aging loved one, the bottom line is you want to keep him or her safe and provide the highest possible quality of life. Living independently is fraught with hazards and obstacles that can cause harm to your loved one. Assisted living is a safe place where help is always available. Living independently, for many seniors, is also lonely. In assisted living, there are always people to interact and socialize with. Do not feel guilty about moving your relative to assisted living. Feel optimistic about the new experiences they’ll have and skilled care they’ll receive.

If you are ready to research quality, compassionate, affordable assisted living in Oklahoma City, we encourage you to contact us at Village at Oakwood. Our team understands the struggles you’re dealing with as you grapple with the decision to move your loved one to assisted living. We are here to help ease the transition and provide peace of mind for both of you.

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