Women Live Longer Than Men and Need to Be Prepared Emotionally and Financially

December 23rd, 2014 by John Wilson

Women often outlive their male partners in senior living.

You are likely to find more women than men in senior living facilities due to life expectancy.

While no one can predict how long they will live, statistics show women typically live several years longer than their male counterparts. Because of this longer life expectancy, it’s important for women to prepare for the following years, both emotionally and financially. The loss of a husband can be a traumatic one. The more prepared you are for senior living after his death, the easier time you will have, whether you live in assisted living or you still live on your own.

Your Financial Future

Even though you may be eligible for survivor’s benefits, senior care services are expensive. Women often make less than men and therefore don’t have as solid of a financial future. In addition, women often have fewer retirement savings and less overall career earnings because they are more likely to take time off to raise a family. Because of these factors, women don’t always have the funds to continue their senior living lifestyle, especially when they need senior care services.

For this reason, women are encouraged to start thinking ahead toward their retirement as early as possible. Even though you will still have your spouse’s retirement money once he passes, you will still need to be able to stand on your own two feet, especially if you are living in an assisted living facility. Take into account the type of senior living you would like to have and talk to your spouse about your plans so you can work on building a solid financial future together, even if one of you is no longer there.

Be Emotionally Prepared

In addition to preparing yourself financially, it’s also important to make sure you are prepared for the emotional turmoil that often follows the death of a loved one. Studies have shown elderly individuals who are lonely and don’t socialize with others are more likely to pass away earlier than those who lead busy social lives. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to move on and spend time with others when you have lost the love of your life. Instead of wallowing in your grief, join a club or group based on your interests and make some new friends. Having someone to spend time with can make sure you take care of yourself and enjoy the rest of your life.

No one wants to lose the person they committed their life to. Unfortunately, few couples pass away at the exact same time, which means one of you will be left behind for a certain period of time. Because men typically don’t live as long as women, it is often the female left behind. To ensure you have the best chance at a good life after your loved one passes away, it’s important to learn how to prepare yourself financially and emotionally for senior living.

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