Why Seniors and Children Benefit from Intergenerational Mentoring

March 20th, 2018 by John Wilson

If you’ve ever been around when young children and the elderly are in the same area, you’ve likely noticed how much life children seem to give to seniors. This is why the best assisted living facilities in OKC encourage grandchildren to visit. However, this isn’t the only benefit to be expected. Intergenerational mentoring can offer many advantages that help both seniors and their younger counterparts.


In many cases, seniors may feel lonely because their friends and the relatives who have been around their whole lives are passing away. However, children can often crave the attention and companionship of adults as well. Seniors can feel a sense of vitality by spending time with younger gener

Interaction between seniors and younger generations is important in assisted living for seniors.

Assisted living for seniors encourages interaction between generations.

tions, while children will find they can look up to the elderly and learn a lot of life skills from them. When these individuals spend quality time together through intergenerational mentoring, both parties will see a vast array of benefits that will help them feel less alone.

Embracing the Challenges of Life

Assisted living options in Oklahoma City are designed to help seniors embrace the challenges they may face in life so they can live a more productive life when they can no longer safely live on their own. Children can also face challenges, especially if they are lacking a positive adult figure in their lives. Through intergenerational mentoring, seniors are able to volunteer their time to provide the guidance children need to learn how to overcome their own challenges. Seniors have a vast array of experiences behind them and have already learned most of the valuable lessons in life. They are then able to share this information with the children they mentor, helping to prepare them for the best possible future.

Important Life Skills

The elderly have spent a lot of their time developing their life skills. When they are able to mentor children who have not yet reached these milestones, they can take great pride in teaching young children how to make the most of their lives. In some cases, seniors begin to feel as if they have little to offer society as they age. However, by entering a mentoring program like this, they are able to give back to the community. Sometimes these programs are offered for underprivileged or at-risk children, helping to ensure they have the best possible start in life, even when their life circumstances haven’t made this easy.

Intergenerational mentoring can provide a large number of benefits to both the seniors who volunteer and to the children who participate in the program. Seniors are able to share their life experiences and teach valuable lessons, while children reap the benefits and grow into stronger adults as a result.

If you’re looking for assisted living for seniors that help residents get involved in the community, contact us. We strive to offer a variety of choices to keep seniors active.

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