Why OKC Is One of the Most Popular Cities for Assisted Living

July 4th, 2019 by John Wilson

You may feel as if it’s best to keep your aging loved one as close to you as possible. However, with technology, it has become even easier to keep in touch, regardless of distance. This is why many people are looking beyond their location when searching for the best assisted living facilities. In fact, you will find some of the best in the country located right in Oklahoma City. Learn why you will find some of the most popular assisted living options in OKC versus other areas of the country.

Lower Cost of Living

Perhaps one of the biggest driving factors in choosing the right location for assisted living is how much it costs. Many people fear choosing any option other than aging in place ends up being far more expensive. After all, if you look at the cost to live in a hotel versus your own home, the difference in price can be significant. However, assisted living in Oklahoma City is quite different. In fact, the city boasts an overall cost of living approximately 11 percent below the national average. This reflects in how much assisted living costs, including everything seniors need to live comfortably, such as dining plans.

Four Distinct Seasons

While many people prefer one particular climate over another, it can quickly become boring if you live in a place that experiences just one or two seasons in a year. This is why many seniors have their eyes turned toward Oklahoma City. While the city isn’t as prone to extreme weather conditions, such as heat and cold, they do still enjoy all four distinct seasons.

Oklahoma has the best assisted living facilities.

The best assisted living facilities are in Oklahoma.

Plenty of Activities

Just because seniors move into assisted living doesn’t mean they are interested in sitting in their apartment, doing nothing but watching television all day. In fact, today’s seniors are far more active and enjoy getting out and seeing the sights. When you choose assisted living options in OKC, there’s access to plenty of activities throughout the city. Seniors can enjoy trips to a number of museums, professional sports, the Oklahoma Zoo and Botanical Garden and much more. Many assisted living communities also offer plenty of activities onsite to help keep seniors busy and active.

Easy Transportation

Oklahoma City is relatively centrally located in the United States and makes it easy for visitors to travel in and out with two major airports close to the downtown area. This means you can still visit your loved one, even if you aren’t living in the area.

If you’ve been thinking about finding the best assisted living facilities for your aging loved one, contact us. We are ready to help you discover what we offer our senior residents.

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