Why More Men Are Making the Decision to Move to Assisted Living

May 14th, 2015 by John Wilson

Find out why more men need senior care services.

More men are relying on senior care services as they age.

Despite moves toward equality, men are still often seen as the stronger sex, which is why many people think of mostly women moving into senior living in Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas. However, affordable assisted living isn’t just for women. Today, more men are realizing the benefits of senior care services and moving into assisted living facilities.

No Close Family

As individuals get older, their close family and friends may become ill and struggle with their own health issues. For men who live longer, even their children may no longer be able to care for them. In these situations, affordable assisted living can be the ideal solution to give elderly men the care they need without relying on family and friends.

Unavailable Children

When children get older, it’s expected they will help care for their aging parents. Unfortunately, many adults live busy lifestyles and may not have the time to dedicate to caring for elderly parents. Even if they can help with doctor appointments and other needs occasionally, senior care services may be necessary to fill in the gaps. Assisted living facilities can provide the happy medium aging men are looking for without feeling like a burden on their adult children.

Serious Health Conditions

The life expectancy of men has increased in recent years due to improvements in medical care. This means men are living longer, even if they do suffer from serious health issues. Unfortunately, these health problems often require assistance, which can be obtained in assisted living in Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas. Common health issues in men include:

When men are diagnosed with these and other serious conditions, assisted living is often the best option to ensure they have access to the medical care they need, while maintaining a level of independence.

Improvements in Senior Living

Many affordable assisted living centers offer activities designed to keep their senior residents active. While some people think of the elderly participating in activities like knitting and sewing, today’s senior care services are often targeted toward men as well. An assisted living facility may offer movie nights featuring action or history films, trivia, cards, woodworking and more. Today’s assisted living centers are focusing on men just as much as women, to ensure everyone can find an activity they enjoy.

Senior living in Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas is becoming more popular for men and women alike. While most people associate assisted living with women, more men are turning to these senior care services to help them make the most of their senior years. These facilities strive to provide just as many opportunities for their male residents as they do their female ones.

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