Why It’s Important to Walk with Your Aging Parents

November 11th, 2014 by John Wilson

Enjoy walking around senior living communities.

Senior living communities are great places to walk.

A sedentary lifestyle is described as living with limited to no physical activity. This way of life is intricately linked to the increased likelihood of being diagnosed with serious illness. Sedentary lifestyles are common in aging parents who may stay home alone, as opposed to parents enrolled in assisted living facilities. These homes include routines usually consisting of mild-to-moderate exercise programs.

Walking Is Easy!

Walking eliminates the need for seniors in assisted living communities to attempt impractical and hectic exercise choices like aerobics, jogging or cycling. It comes naturally and is a stress-free way to reap the benefits of exercise, while stopping to smell the roses. Whether your aging parent is living in senior living communities or at home, it’s important for caregivers to carve out dedicated times for exercise. Walking is a simple exercise that keeps aging parents like yours healthy for longer.

A Myriad of Health Benefits

Walking offers many advantages, including:

Tips for Walking with Aging Parents

Here are a few suggestions to make an easy transition from a sedentary lifestyle to walking:

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