Why It’s Important for Veterans with Benefits to Enroll in Medicare

November 15th, 2016 by John Wilson

If you are helping a loved one find an assisted living center in Oklahoma City and take care of his or her healthcare needs, and that loved one is a U.S. veteran, you may assume enrolling in Medicare is not necessary. That is not true. Read on for compelling reasons it’s important for veterans with benefits to enroll in Medicare too.

First Things First: Deciphering Medicare’s “Parts”

Often, affordable assisted living facilities in the Oklahoma City area sponsor educational seminars and question and answer sessions for residents and their families. One of the most popular topics involves Medicare. As with any government entity, Medicare can be complicated to understand. When applying for benefits you will hear about Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, Medicare Part C and Medicare Part D. In a nutshell, here’s what you need to know:

Veterans need to find affordable assisted living facilities.

Affordable assisted living facilities are a must for veterans.

Not All Veteran’s Administration (VA) Hospitals Are Equipped to Handle All Illnesses

Contrary to popular belief, Medicare and VA benefits complement each other rather than cancel each other out. VA benefits are accepted only at VA medical care providers and Medicare benefits are accepted only at Medicare-designated medical facilities. Applying for Medicare Part A, which provides hospital coverage, is cheap and relatively easy. In the event a senior needs to go to a non-VA hospital for specialized treatment, Medicare can be a safety net to help cover the costs of that hospital stay.

There Is a Chance Congress Could Cut Funding for Some VA Benefits

Just as not every assisted living center in Oklahoma City provides the same caliber of care, not all VA benefits are the same. When a veteran applies for VA benefits, he or she is assigned to one of several “priority groups.” If your loved one is covered under a lower-priority VA plan, he or she could possibly lose coverage in the future if Congress fails to appropriate enough funds to care for all VA insurance provider groups. If that happens and your loved one is also covered by Medicare, he or she would not suddenly be without coverage.

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