Why Assisted Living Is Great for Introverts

April 15th, 2020 by John Wilson

One of the biggest reasons often given for making the move to assisted living communities in Oklahoma City is for the socialization factor. What does this mean for individuals who are more introverted by nature and are less likely to spend a lot of time socializing? The good news is, many assisted living centers in Oklahoma are well suited for introverts, just as much as their extroverted counterparts. The following reasons will show why introverts should also consider this living arrangement rather than aging in place.

A Customizable Solution

Unlike a nursing home environment, assisted living care in OKC is highly customizable based on the unique needs of each resident. When you visit a facility with your loved one, the staff will ask plenty of questions to get to know the potential resident and make recommendations based on that individual’s personality and needs. This can give introverts peace of mind they will have access to the services they want without being forced into a large number of social interactions they aren’t comfortable with.

Plenty of Activities

Assisted living care works great for introverts.

Many assisted living facilities will emphasize the social factor when they talk about the activities available on site. However, this doesn’t mean all of the activities offered are focused around socialization. Those who are interested in remaining active in their community can find plenty of options ideal for introverts, such as spending time in the library or on the computer. Even introverts are likely to find a new hobby they enjoy among the activities offered.

Alone Time Is Possible

Introverts aren’t typically anti-social as many people seem to think. They do thrive in social situations. However, they typically require some downtime by themselves in order to recharge and keep themselves feeling at ease. Because individuals have their own apartments, they have plenty of opportunities to spend time on their own whenever the need arises. They can even eat in their own apartment rather than the dining hall.

It’s Difficult to Make New Friends

It’s true introverts often surround themselves with a few close friends rather than a large number of acquaintances. When these individuals make the move to assisted living communities in Oklahoma City, they may be leaving behind the friends they had previously. While assisted living makes it easy to stay in touch, regardless of distance, these communities also make it easy for introverts to make new friends. With all of the activities available, you are sure to find someone who shares your interests and you can relate with.

If your loved one is an introvert and you’re trying to determine if assisted living care in OKC is the right option, contact us. We can help you make the right choice for your aging loved one.

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