What’s New in Senior Technology? Smartphones Help Keep Seniors Safe

May 18th, 2017 by John Wilson

Today, people of all ages have the ability to be more connected than ever before. Decades ago, it would have seemed unfathomable people would be able to carry their phones with them literally everywhere they go. It would have been even more incomprehensible to think people would do so much more than talk on their phones, including e-mailing, texting, taking photos and videos, playing games, checking e-mails or asking for directions. Technology has revolutionized life for all generations, including seniors living alone or in assisted living in Oklahoma City.

Smartphones May Help Prevent a Common Danger for Seniors

Falls cause more injuries and fatalities to seniors than anything else. According to one study, more than two million seniors are taken to emergency rooms each year due to falls. Sadly, approximately 20,000 seniors die as a direct result of injuries sustained during accidental falls. Even when seniors recover from a fall, they are often badly shaken by the experience and may become less active because they’re scared they’ll fall again.

A smartphone for seniors may be a wise idea.

Have you considered a smartphone for seniors?

Technology for Seniors: More than Fun, Games and Convenience

You may be surprised to learn there is now an app that was designed especially for use on any smartphone for seniors. The app was designed by researchers at Rutgers University to reduce the risks of seniors falling. Basically, the app analyzes the movement pattern of the seniors who are using it. Using complex algorithms, it is able to detect when a senior’s balance is off and he is close to falling. Researchers are able to use this data to intervene and warn seniors before they reach that precarious and dangerous point.

Purdue Researchers Have Introduced Safety Technology for Seniors

SmartGait is the commercial name for a technology designed to assess the likelihood a senior or anyone wearing the technology will fall. The technology is a smartphone that has been retrofitted with a downward-facing camera lens that records gait statistics. A user wears the unit on his or her waist, often attached to the belt, and wears foot markers on the tips of each shoe. During the course of routine daily activities, the unit collects data on the user’s walking patterns. This data is assessed to pinpoint ways an individual can reduce the risks of falling in the future like wearing corrective lenses or participating in physical therapy.

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