What Your Senior Parent Should Bring to Their New Assisted Living Home

November 10th, 2015 by John Wilson

Learn how to pack when moving to assisted living.

Moving to assisted living means choosing what to bring.

Making the move to assisted living in Oklahoma City can be a difficult process as you help your loved one determine which items they should bring and which ones should be left behind. Creating a moving to assisted living checklist can be a valuable asset in guiding your parents through the packing process. These tips will help you make the most difficult decisions.


While a nursing home is already furnished, senior assisted living in OKC allows you to bring in your own furnishings so it can feel more like home. Don’t forget to bring along your comfortable bed, along with a couch or chairs, dining set and more. Be sure you measure everything, including your new senior living apartment, to ensure you have room for everything.

Household Items

There are certain household items you must have when you’re living on your own in assisted living in Oklahoma City. If you’re a coffee lover, pack the coffee maker. Consider any other small appliances you may use to prepare meals on your own, as well as your favorite pots, pans, dishes and cooking utensils. You will also need bedding, bath towels and more to finish equipping your new apartment. Don’t forget the cleaning supplies. Even though your loved one can get help with these tasks, it’s important to be prepared.

Personal Items

Perhaps the most important items that need to make their way onto your moving to assisted living checklist is your personal items. In addition to your clothing, there are other items you should bring along, including photographs, jewelry and even special mementos that help your loved one feel at home. Investing in a small safe may also be a good idea to help protect any valuables.

Senior assisted living is made more comfortable with personal items.

The elderly should bring personal items for comfort in senior assisted living.


In addition to furnishing their assisted living apartment in any way they wish, seniors are welcome to bring any decorations that make it feel like home. Curtains, lamps, wall décor, throws, clocks and vases are all great choices for giving a little personality to these homes.


At most senior assisted living centers in OKC, there are common areas to watch television or a movie or to enjoy other types of entertainment. A television, music system, Blu-ray or DVD player and computer can be useful for seniors living on their own. If your loved one enjoys a hobby, be sure he or she brings all the supplies needed to continue their interest.

Making the move to assisted living Oklahoma City can be overwhelming, but if you take the time to plan carefully, your loved one will feel right at home. Sitting down and creating a moving to assisted living checklist will help your aging parent feel like a part of the process and ensure nothing they may want will be left behind.

If you’re helping a loved one choose the right assisted living facility, contact us. We offer the living arrangements your senior parents need to stay healthy and safe.

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