What You Need to Consider Before Moving an Aging Parent into Your Home

February 20th, 2018 by John Wilson

It can be difficult for seniors to consider Oklahoma assisted living. Sometimes adult children decide to take on the often difficult task of taking care of their parents themselves. This may be due to the cost of assisted living or simply because of the guilt children often carry when they think of moving their loved ones into assisted living facilities. Before you decide to take your aging parents into your home, consider these factors.

Renovations May Be Needed

Seniors have specific needs that may require you to make physical changes to your home in order to accommodate them. One of the biggest risks seniors have is slips and falls, which are common in the bathroom or anywhere there are stairs in your home. If affordable assisted living in Oklahoma City isn’t an option, you will have to consider installing safety bars and other safety features. If all of your bedrooms are on the second floor, you may need to consider renovating your first floor to give your parents space on this level.

Increased Expenses

When you move your parents into your home, while it is cheaper than the cost of assisted living in general, it will increase the expenses you must pay on a regular basis. Not only will you need to purchase more food in order to feed everyone in your family, but you will also see an increase in your utility bills because your household will use more water, electricity and gas. You may also need to alter the temperature at which you keep your home in order to ensure their comfort, which can have an impact on your bills.

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Loss of Privacy

One of the biggest concerns individuals have regarding moving their aging parents into their home is the amount of privacy everyone loses. Although you shared a home with your parents when you were growing up, you’ve likely grown used to doing things your own way. However, it’s not just about you. Your parents will also be losing the privacy they have become accustomed to. You will all need to establish respect for each others’ space.

The Time Factor

Odds are your aging parents will be moving into your home because they are no longer able to live on their own. This means there are things they will need help with, which will take up some of your time. One of the biggest factors you need to consider is whether you have the time to dedicate to these tasks. If you won’t have the time, you will either need to hire a home nurse to help or you should consider Oklahoma assisted living instead.

Moving your aging parents into your home can seem like the ideal solution when they are beginning to struggle with living on their own. However, there are certain factors you need to consider before making this decision. In the end, whether you choose affordable assisted living in Oklahoma City or you decide they would be better off moving into your home, the bottom line is you must do what is best for your parents and your situation.

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