What Is Senior Person Centered Care?

April 4th, 2019 by John Wilson

As individuals get older, they may begin to require additional assistance to go about a variety of tasks, including running errands, remembering to take medications, cooking, cleaning and more. However, when most people think of elderly care in OKC, the type of care that involves someone else making all the decisions for what’s best often comes to mind. However, this isn’t always the premise when it comes to assisted living. In fact, person centered care is becoming the foundation of many of these facilities. What is senior person centered care?

Control for the Individual

Just because an individual is struggling with handling various aspects of their daily lives doesn’t mean they can no longer make decisions for their lives, whether small or large. Unless seniors are suffering from a mental decline, which can lead to the need for more extensive assisted living options in Oklahoma City, they are often just as capable of thinking situations through and making decisions as anyone else. This is why person centered care is becoming the preferred trend when it comes to senior living. Many assisted living facilities are giving that control back to their senior residents, allowing them to make as many decisions about their care as possible so they feel more at ease with their new living situation. Entering one of these facilities does not mean giving up control of your life.

Person centered care is all part of assisted living.

Assisted living should focus on person centered care.

Why Is It Just Now Becoming Popular?

It would seem like providing person centered care should be the ideal when it comes to individuals who are still mentally competent to make such decisions, especially when it involves details as insignificant as when to bathe or what time to eat dinner. In 2001, the Institute of Medicine released a report requesting the impersonal medical system in the United States go through a restructuring to provide a better quality of care to all patients, not just seniors. In the following decade, little progress developed in this area. The Affordable Care Act then implemented even more changes by providing funding to assist in this transformation. Today, person centered care is becoming more of a norm than an exception to the rule, providing seniors with even more assisted living options in Oklahoma City.

What Should You Look For?

As you look for elderly care in OKC, it’s important to consider finding a facility that takes this person centered approach to the care of your loved one. A good facility will promote good health, understand the importance of upholding the values of each individual resident, recognize the meaningfulness of all actions, focus on meeting all psychological needs and provide emotional support for residents. This will ensure each person receives the quality of care they require, along with the autonomy they wish to maintain.

Seniors often are reluctant when discussing assisted living because they are afraid it means giving up their independence. However, with the increasing popularity of person centered care, more seniors are able to get the assistance they need without giving up every little decision in their daily lives.

If you’re looking for assistance for your aging loved one, contact us. We can tell you more about our services and how we strive to help every senior resident thrive in their living environment.

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