What Does the Future of Assisted Living Facilities Look Like?

December 1st, 2015 by John Wilson

Learn what the future holds for senior living in Oklahoma City.

Senior living in Oklahoma City is changing.

Both the state and purpose of assisted living facilities have changed over the years. With the changes in healthcare reform, as well as other advances in the medical field, senior living in Oklahoma City will continue to evolve. If you’ve been considering assisted living for an aging loved one, it’s important to understand these predicted changes to ensure you make the right decisions for your loved one’s care.

The Decline of Nursing Homes

At one time, a nursing home was the only alternative to home care for seniors. Once assisted living communities in OKC became more prominent, however, families realized there was a better way to handle their loved one’s needs without stripping them of all their independence. As assisted living facilities continue to grow in popularity, fewer people will need to turn to nursing homes for care, which will lead to their decline, except in serious medical need.

Senior-Friendly Civic Planning

As the number of aging residents increases, localities are recognizing their unique needs and implementing a number of solutions into their civic planning. Even as people age, they want to be close to amenities so they can still experience shopping, eating out and many of the other things they have enjoyed in their lifetimes. This is why communities are building senior living options in downtown areas, as well as creating similar environments in outlying areas.

Seniors can get so much out of assisted living facilities.

Assisted living facilities have so much to offer seniors.

More Amenities in Senior Housing

Today, senior living in Oklahoma City allows the elderly to feel like they are right at home in their own community. Every assisted living facility is designed with all the best features to ensure a better quality of life for all seniors. This means your aging loved ones will have their own personal space, along with a dining hall, social center, library, computer lab and much more, giving them access to everything that can enrich their lives, including regularly scheduled outings.

Lower Costs

Many people think assisted living communities in OKC are too expensive for their loved ones. However, there are more options than ever before to help these individuals pay for this type of living arrangements. As more benefits are realized and popularity grows, these senior living communities will become even more affordable, allowing more people to take advantage of them to receive the care they need, while maintaining their independence.

Senior living in Oklahoma City is changing. While assisted living facilities are still fairly new, they are quickly overtaking the older nursing homes. Seniors don’t have to give up their independence entirely to get the help they need. Instead, these communities are making it easier to live the way they want, while still having access to the additional assistance they may require to remain safe and healthy. This industry is constantly evolving to best meet the needs of the aging community.

If you’re thinking about assisted living communities in OKC, contact us. We offer the services your loved one needs to be comfortable and safe.

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