Ways to Prevent Unnecessary Falls in Seniors Inside and Out

May 19th, 2015 by John Wilson

Living assistance can help seniors remain stable.

Living assistance can help prevent unnecessary falls.

As we get older, our balance isn’t what it used to be due to the natural results of aging, medical conditions and sometimes the effects of certain medications. This is also one of the primary reasons seniors seek out living assistance rather than remaining in their own homes. Unfortunately, even under the watchful eye of senior care services, falls can happen. Following these tips will help prevent some of these falls both inside and outside.

Keep Floors Clear

Clutter is a major risk for the elderly. While piles of mail on the countertop or table won’t cause you to fall, if you have piles of magazines or other items on the floor, you are putting yourself at risk for a serious slip. In addition to the clutter, rugs on a hardwood floor or a slippery surface can increase your risks of falling and suffering an injury. Raised thresholds can also be a problem for seniors. Ask a friend or family member to help you remove them and consider installing ramps if you have a room that is slightly raised.

Wear Good Shoes

Good shoes with rubber soles are an important accessory you should never leave home without. These sturdy shoes will help you stay balanced and decrease the chances you will experience a fall while you are outdoors. In addition, you may want a pair of shoes you only wear indoors to give you better stability without tracking dirt through your home. If it’s icy outside, reconsider going out or make sure you have someone to help you.

Provide Good Lighting

Many aging individuals find they need to get up in the night to use the restroom or get a drink of water. You likely don’t see as well as you used to, which can make you more likely to stumble and fall in the dark. Whether you are in assisted living serving Midwest City and other communities in the Oklahoma City area or are still living in your home, installing night lights in the bathroom and hallways can be the ideal way to make sure you have ample lighting if you do get up at night. Another option is to ask your senior care services to install motion detector lights that will identify your movement and automatically turn on the lights.

Falls can have serious consequences for the elderly. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure you get the living assistance you need to reduce your risks. Falls can occur both indoors and out, making it necessary to take precautions in both places. When you take the proper steps to compensate for a lack of balance and ensure better stability, you can reduce your chances of experiencing a devastating fall that can cause negative long-term effects on your health.

If you’re interested in assisted living serving Midwest City and other communities in the Oklahoma City area, contact us. Our facility can help your aging loved take the right steps to reduce the risks of a fall.

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