Ways to Ease Your Aging Parent into Accepting Assisted Living

June 18th, 2014 by John Wilson

Learn how to discuss senior assisted living.

Talking to your parents about assisted living can be difficult.

The idea of moving to a senior assisted living center isn’t often one that appeals to many people. The elderly often want to remain in their homes because it is familiar and they don’t want to give up their independence. However, an assisted living center may be necessary for medical and safety reasons. If your parent would benefit from assisted living, there are steps you can take to help him or her accept the idea.

Start Discussions Early

Waiting until your loved one needs senior assisted living services is often the worst time to discuss the possibility. Instead, it is typically best to start early to get a feel for your loved one’s wishes. Offering options and possibilities can be a great way to keep the conversation going and determine what your parent may want later in life.

Listen to Concerns

Trying to force aging parents into an assisted living center won’t provide the most comfortable transition. To make the decision easier for everyone, it is important to listen to their concerns and address them. Perhaps they are worried about being deprived of their privacy or feel they will lose independence. Moving into assisted living facilities often gives each individual or couple their own apartment space. The additional help can even offer greater independence. Showing you are aware of their concerns will help them feel more comfortable talking about this option.

Exercise Patience

The decision to move into senior assisted living isn’t something that can be made in a day or overnight. Sometimes a single talk can be enough to encourage a parent to consider senior living arrangements. However, most elderly individuals require an ongoing conversation over weeks or months, sometimes even years, to provide the information needed to make the right choice.

Ask for Professional Help

Doctors, nurses and social workers are trained to offer guidance and advice to families that are considering assisted living. If you feel your aging parent can benefit from this service, discuss it with his or her doctor or nurse or request a social worker. Talk about your concerns and ask them to address the issue with your parent. Sometimes individuals are more open to a suggestion when it comes from a neutral party.

Accept Lack of Readiness

It may seem like it is better for your elderly parent to live in an assisted living center, but as long as there are no immediate health concerns, it may be best to agree to disagree. Don’t pressure your loved one to move when he or she isn’t ready. However, this doesn’t mean you need to stop talking about it. Take your time and address the issue on a regular basis, using care not to put undue pressure on your parent.

The idea of moving into a senior assisted living center isn’t always appealing. In some cases, it becomes a necessary option. In these situations, it is important to learn how to bring up the topic in a tactful manner that helps your loved one see the importance. With the right care, you can help ease the transition.

If you are considering assisted living for your parent, contact us. We can help you address their concerns and make the decision easier.

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