Walking Helps Seniors Maintain Mobility & Independence

August 22nd, 2017 by John Wilson

Staying active is one of the best things seniors can do to keep themselves healthy and reduce the risk of becoming immobilized. Even those who make use of Oklahoma assisted living services don’t want to lose their level of independence. Walking can be one of the most beneficial options, allowing seniors to exercise without going through a more vigorous exercise routine.

Muscle Tone

Most people are aware of the fact muscle tone can be lost if you don’t exercise. Walking is one of the easiest things you can do to keep yourself moving. Not only will this type of exercise keep your leg muscles moving and toned, but depending on how you walk, you can get your arms moving and keep them fit as well. Walking is the best way to work out a variety of muscle groups with little impact, so it’s gentler on the body overall.


Another common issue among the elderly is balance. Whether it’s due to medical conditions or simply from a lack of movement, walking can help restore a sense of balance in a safe, effective manner. This is because walking increases the strength in your core, which is responsible for helping you maintain your balance.

Improved Sleep

Many elderly individuals suffer from insomnia. Whether they have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, sometimes sleeping pills aren’t the ideal solution. Getting plenty of fresh air by taking a walk every day can help individuals sleep better.

Good assisted living facilities offer walking paths.

Walking can have many benefits in assisted living.

Better Circulation

As you walk, your heart will pump a little faster, helping to increase the blood flow throughout your body. Improved blood flow is related to the health and wellbeing of the person as a whole. In addition, walking can reduce the risk of blood clots in the legs, which can in turn lower the risk of suffering from a stroke.

Sharpen Mental Acuity

Because walking increases blood flow throughout the body, this means the brain as well. When the brain is properly oxygenated, individuals are better able to think, increasing their ability to remember things and think more clearly. In addition, this can help lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s at a later time.

Ease Arthritis

Many elderly individuals also suffer from arthritis, which can negatively impact their ability to go about their daily activities. However, when you are more active, such as while walking, you can ease any stiffness and help keep the joints looser. This reduces the impact of arthritis, helping you go about your daily life with ease.

Walking may seem like such a simple thing, but it can be a major asset, helping seniors stay active and improving various aspects of their life. When looking at assisted living options in OKC, it’s important to find beautiful grounds that will make it easier for your aging loved one to walk often. When they are able to walk around, they will enjoy many of the benefits of an active lifestyle, rather than falling victim to sedentary habits.

If you’re looking for Oklahoma assisted living choices for your loved one, contact us. The Village at Oakwood helps keeps seniors active for their own wellbeing.

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