Touring Assisted Living Homes: Should You Take Your Parent With You?

August 23rd, 2018 by John Wilson

After months or maybe even years of deliberation, you’ve finally reached a tough decision. You’ve chosen to place your senior loved one in assisted living housing in OKC. While this choice isn’t easy for any family, it is often the best choice for your parents’ well-being. Once someone becomes unable to live on their own, they will ultimately need extra care to ensure their safety. Now, however, it will be partly on you to help make your parents’ transition into assisted living as smooth as possible.

You may be wondering exactly how to approach this task. What, exactly, is the best way to help ease your parent into assisted living? One way is to have your senior loved one accompany you as you look at different facilities. While this idea may not seem like a great option, it actually offers quite a few benefits, provided you take a few things into account beforehand.

Is Your Loved One Hesitant?

It is always important to take a loved one’s feelings into account, especially when it comes to helping them consider assisted living options in Oklahoma City. If you haven’t talked to them much about the pending move, now is the time to have a sit down and really get to know how they feel. Nervousness and/or reluctance are all perfectly normal parts of such a huge transition, and it’s important to honor those feelings as much as you can. A tour of assisted living housing in OKC may help them feel better, depending on the extent of your loved one’s trepidation. If you believe letting them tour with you will help reassure them, invite them along.

Decide on affordable assisted living for seniors together.

Affordable assisted living for seniors should be a joint decision.

Is the Idea of Moving Causing Your Loved One Stress?

All kinds of worries can arise when it comes to moving to assisted living. Your loved one may feel anxious over leaving their home and belongings behind, the details of their daily care and/or whether they will be able to see you and the rest of your family as often. Another common worry may be the expense of it all. A tour through assisted living facilities can help assuage some of this worry. Your loved one may just need reassurance everything will be taken care of. You can even have them help you select affordable assisted living for seniors so costs won’t be as big of an issue. However, if your loved one seems debilitatingly anxious about the move, you may be better off saving a tour with them for later.

Can Your Loved One Adequately Navigate During the Entire Tour?

Mobility tends to change as we age. If your parent can’t get around as well as they used to, you may want to stop and consider the logistics of having them tour with you. At the least, look into whether the facilities you’re considering have wheelchair accessibility. That way, your parent can get around during your tour of assisted living housing in OKC without straining themselves.

If you have any questions regarding your loved one’s move to assisted living, get in touch with us. We can assuage any concerns you or your parent may have.

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