Three Ways Socializing in Assisted Living Benefits Seniors

February 2nd, 2016 by John Wilson

Eating together at senior living communities can help.

Senior living communities encourage eating together.

One of the most positive assisted living benefits is the increased opportunity for seniors to socialize with their peers. Often, in the period prior to making the move to assisted living, seniors experience a dramatic shrinking of their social circle. That leaves them at high risk for loneliness and depression, especially when they experience major losses, such as the death of a spouse or the loss of close family members and friends.

The loss of those social connections can have a real impact on physical health and mental well-being. Assisted living can reduce the barriers seniors face in establishing new social connections and aide in maintaining those they have. Increased social activity can measurably improve a senior’s overall well-being in several key ways.

Increase Accessibility

When seniors experience limited mobility, it can interfere with their abilities to maintain existing friendships and develop new relationships. If they are no longer able to drive, it can be a struggle to find convenient or affordable transportation. If they have a physical disability that makes getting around without assistance difficult, social outings can be nearly impossible.

Choosing one of the senior living communities serving Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas that offer affordable assisted living can significantly reduce that barrier. Assisted living benefits include living in close proximity to other seniors, with easily accessible common areas and a variety of social activities.

Staff can assist those with physical disabilities, connecting them to important resources, including therapeutic health services and pain management specialists. Many of the senior living communities serving Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas are located within convenient range of those types of services.

Improve Physical Health

More than one-third of seniors are malnourished. It can be all too easy for a home-bound senior to fall into unhealthy eating habits or even forget to eat regular meals. If depression or disability is a factor, preparing nutritious meals can be a major challenge. That’s especially true if getting out to the grocery store or finding someone to do the grocery shopping is difficult.

Many affordable assisted living communities have communal meals available so seniors can dine in company. Studies have shown eating with others can improve a senior’s nutritional intake. Simply lifting the burden of food preparation can improve a senior’s nutritional status.

Another thing that helps to increase the appetite is physical activity. Today’s assisted living center is likely to have an exercise room and offer healthful physical activities, such as yoga and strength training programs. Seniors, like other age groups, are more likely to engage in these sorts of physical activities when they have companions also interested in participating. Taking part in regular exercise and strength training can help reduce falls by improving balance and stamina.

There are many social activities at affordable assisted living facilities.

Affordable assisted living makes it easy to socialize.

Boost Cognitive And Emotional Health

An active social life helps to preserve cognitive and emotional health and so does developing new skills, interests and hobbies. New skills make measurable differences in the structure of the brain. These are important assisted living benefits. Some assisted living centers have computer areas and learning programs, allowing seniors the opportunity to use computer technologies to maintain relationships with grandchildren and others that live out of town.

Today’s senior living communities have a lot to offer. Contact us to learn more about assisted living benefits and affordable assisted living options.

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