Three Ways Social Interaction Affects Aging

January 19th, 2017 by John Wilson

There are many compelling reasons for seniors and their loved ones to consider transitioning to assisted living in Oklahoma City. Residents of Oklahoma assisted living centers receive assistance with daily tasks, such as bathing and dressing. They receive three nutritious, delicious meals per day. They have access to skilled nursing personnel, and last but certainly not least, they are surrounded by likeminded individuals.

Researchers Say Social Interaction Has a Bigger Effect on Vitality Than Genetics

Researchers from the Mayo Clinic estimate more than half of the cases of premature death are related to lifestyle, not genetics. The more socially active individuals are, the more physically active they tend to be, and physical activity keeps the body healthy. People who feel isolated tend to lack the motivation to do much of anything. Individuals who are surrounded by opportunities to interact with others are more optimistic. They are more likely to participate in activities, go for walks and exercise. Social interaction, researchers say, has a domino effect that benefits overall well-being. Socially active individuals tend to have lower blood pressure, stronger immune systems and less physical pain.

Discover the connection between optimism and successful aging.

There is a connection between optimism and successful aging.

Social Interaction Keeps the Mind Sharp

Another research study conducted by the American Academy of Neurology concluded seniors who are socially active have a reduced likelihood of developing dementia. When an individual has a conversation with someone, he uses his memory, stretches his vocabulary and draws conclusions. In short, he exercises his brain. Social interaction not only boosts mood and feelings of optimism, but it engages the brain. Loneliness and isolation have the opposite effect: they can speed mental decline.

Social Interaction Leads to Better Nutrition

The connection between optimism and successful aging is undeniable and backed by numerous studies conducted by esteemed researchers. One benefit of having an active social life is a bit surprising. Seniors who interact with others on a regular basis make better nutritional choices. Why? When an individual eats alone, it’s much easier to reach for something fast and easy. When an individual dines with others, when he communes with fellow residents at the dining table, he’s more likely to take the time to enjoy his meal. One of the biggest benefits of assisted living in Oklahoma City is residents have easy access to nutritious foods and companions to enjoy it with. Shared meal experiences are enjoyable meal experiences, and they rarely involve opening a package and heating something up in the microwave.

Thanks to affordable assisted living facilities in the Oklahoma City area, area seniors don’t have to live their golden years in solitude. Being around other people lifts the spirits, boosts optimism and has a positive impact on well-being. Village at Oakwood prides itself on providing an engaging environment with plenty of opportunities for residents to socialize with one another every day. We would love to show you around our facility. Contact us today to schedule a tour!

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