Three Things You Didn’t Know About Assisted Living in OKC

December 29th, 2016 by John Wilson

Until you have aging parents or other loved ones who no longer wish to live alone or should not live alone for safety reasons, you probably give little thought to what assisted living entails. You may have distant memories of visiting your own grandparents or great-grandparents in their nursing homes decades ago. Fortunately, today’s assisted living facilities have little in common with the institutional nursing homes that existed back in the 1960s and 1970s. Assisted living in Oklahoma City can actually provide a fulfilling quality of life for residents. Here are three things you may be surprised to learn about assisted living in Oklahoma City.

Assisted Living Residents Retain a Greater Sense of Independence

While many assisted living residents receive assistance with daily tasks like getting dressed and bathing, they usually live in their own apartment and set their own schedule. Residents are free to go on walks, leave the facility any time they want and decide which activities they do and do not want to participate in. An assisted living facility is home, and residents are strongly encouraged to make themselves at home. They can decorate and furnish their apartment to their liking, pursue their hobbies and interests and invite company over to visit. The best assisted living facilities provide a vast array of social options for senior residents, but never force residents to participate. It’s always their choice!

A better quality of life exists in assisted living.

Assisted living creates a better quality of life.

Each Assisted Living Facility Has Its Own Personal Style

When you are trying to find the right assisted living center in Oklahoma City, you’ll quickly realize not all centers are carbon copies of one another. Choosing the right assisted living center is not much different than choosing the right neighborhood or apartment complex. There are options to appeal to a wide array of personal tastes. Some centers strive to be formal, traditional and refined. Others strive to be modern and eclectic. Some centers are small and intimate, while others are set up as sprawling complexes. By definition, an assisted living center is licensed to care for at least 20 individuals. Many facilities have hundreds of residents.

Quality Assisted Living Is More Affordable Than You Realize

You may be surprised to learn choosing an assisted living center in Oklahoma City for your loved one may be less expensive than lining up in-home care. When you consider assisted living not only includes care, but also prepared meals, housekeeping and social activities, the cost is even more reasonable. For seniors who do not have long-term care insurance or the personal finances to afford the entire cost, Medicaid may be an option. Additionally, many states and individual facilities offer other financial assistance for seniors who need it.

Village at Oakwood represents the gold standard of affordable assisted living in Oklahoma City. We truly believe all seniors deserve to enjoy their golden years feeling safe, comfortable, cared for and socially engaged. Each member of our team is committed to making every day a great day for our residents. Contact us to schedule a visit!

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