The World’s Older Population Is Experiencing Unprecedented Growth

October 25th, 2016 by John Wilson

According to a report from the National Institute on Aging (NIA), nearly nine percent of the world’s population is aged 65 years or older. By the year 2050, that number is estimated to climb to 17 percent. Advances in science and medicine and an increased awareness of healthy living have contributed to longer lifespans across the globe. This changing demographic will impact everything, from public policy to economic trends to how individuals live their lives on a daily basis.

Interesting Findings from the NIA Report

The trend of more people living longer lives shows no signs of tapering off. Many risk factors for premature death, including cigarette smoking, heavy alcohol use and difficulty accessing healthy foods, have been significantly decreased. In the United States, the report concluded, the 65-plus population is expected to double in the next 30 years from 48 to 88 million seniors. Life expectancy worldwide is projected to be 76 years by 2050. Last year, global life expectancy was 69 years. Globally, the number of seniors aged 80 years or more is forecast to more than triple by 2050 to an astounding 446.6 million.

A larger senior population is due to healthy aging.

Healthy aging has led to a larger senior population.

What Are the Ramifications of an Aging Population?

Just because people are living longer doesn’t mean they will be immune from age-related illnesses and challenges. It’s safe to assume there will be an increase in the number of jobs available in senior care fields. Products and services targeting seniors will be in high demand and will provide opportunities for enterprising entrepreneurs. Lawmakers will likely push for healthy aging initiatives and even could conceivably provide incentives for seniors to participate in programs designed to promote healthy aging. After all, a healthy population costs less tax dollars to support. Individuals with disposable income will likely begin to manage their savings differently, realizing their retirement savings will need to last longer. Obviously, more 55-plus and assisted living facilities will unquestionably be built in preparation for the increasing demand. Considering senior assisted living in OKC is some of the best and most affordable in the nation, others are likely to visit OKC so they can replicate this city’s success in their own locations.

The Senior Years Can Be Enjoyable Years

The better seniors take care of themselves while they’re young, the more robust they’re likely to be when they’re old. The many affordable assisted living facilities in the Oklahoma City area and elsewhere will need to begin planning not just for a surge in demand for their services, but for clients who expect to be active and mentally stimulated in their golden years. The fact people can expect to live longer is exciting. It’s motivating to stay healthy in anticipation of a long, happy future.

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