The Senior Care Industry Is Evolving and Person-Centered Care Is Becoming the Norm

January 13th, 2015 by John Wilson

Seniors can expect more from senior care services.

Senior care services are becoming more patient centered.

Our world is ever-changing, and the senior care industry is growing right along with it. As a part of this progress, person-centered care is becoming the new standard for senior care services. Unlike the outdated clinical-centered methodology, this is a comprehensive individualized approach, where seniors have a say in their own care. Along with their family and professional caretakers, the resident has input and choices in the services they receive.

Customized Care and Services                       

For senior residents, one of the aspects of caregiving they appreciate most is when they are treated as individuals with unique needs. Although a senior may need some additional help, this doesn’t mean he should be devalued as a human being but should be treated with dignity and respect. In the senior living environment, the center should give particular attention to obtaining feedback from the resident and family members in customizing a well-rounded plan for care.

How Person-Centered Care Works

Past methods in senior care were centered around looking first at the person’s physical well-being and assigning treatment based primarily on this assessment. Evolving into a more person-centric plan provides holistically for the resident’s needs. This involves looking at all aspects of the senior’s overall health, including physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually and creatively. Person-centered care means these senior care services incorporate not only the health and well-being of the body and the mind, but also the personality of the resident as well. This approach gives respect to the uniqueness of each individual.

Giving the Resident a Sense of Empowerment

In past years, a person living in a senior community may have felt powerless over his or her options and treatment. With the new person-centered care method, a resident can provide input and help make decisions about her own care. In a senior living center, residents are entitled to help decide the best way their needs can be met and are encouraged to do so. In partnership with the individual, the family members, caregivers and any others included in their support system, an action plan is made for their care, both physically and non-physically. It includes services that speak to their individual interests creatively as well. Every component in this plan should be approached with careful consideration and the senior treated with respect and dignity. A resident who experiences this holistic style of caregiving feels more content and satisfied with their care. All aspects of this approach are aimed at improving the resident’s quality of life.

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