The Resources in Assisted Living Communities in OKC Can Help Stimulate Your Brain as You Age

February 4th, 2016 by John Wilson

Seniors in assisted living communities have plenty of activities to enjoy.

Assisted living communities help keep seniors active.

We often take for granted the independence we enjoy in our younger years. However, as we progress into our sixties and seventies, there are life changing events that contribute to isolation and loneliness, which can cause a serious mental decline. Do you have an aging parent or loved one who struggles with any of the following?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, read on to discover how senior citizen assisted living in OKC can help.

How Socialization Impacts Brain Health

Numerous geriatric studies have concluded isolation and loneliness among the elderly can have a negative effect on brain health and even contribute to the risk of dementia. Conversely, when opportunities for socialization are introduced, a senior’s outlook becomes more positive, which causes both physical and mental health to improve. Sustaining old friendships and making new friends enriches their world and even contributes to a longer life.

Socializing at an Assisted Living Facility

Staff members at assisted living communities in OKC notice new residents who had previously lived alone begin to experience a quality of life they haven’t had in years.

Assisted living communities provide many opportunities for seniors to stay social. In addition to staff members engaging with the residents, newcomers enjoy meeting and developing relationships with existing residents and their families. If possible, family members should be proactive in helping their seniors maintain relationships with former friends and associates. For example, your mother will likely look forward to having her hair done at the beauty shop she has frequented for years.

Socialization is an important part of senior citizen assisted living.

Senior citizen assisted living encourages socialization.

Other Benefits of Assisted Living Communities

There is plenty of evidence that proves how activities – both mental and physical – can stimulate the brain and even create new brain cells. The following examples are just a few of the activities offered by assisted living communities in OKC.

Time for Rediscovery

Without the mental and physical challenges of housekeeping chores and preparing meals, seniors who move to assisted living after years of living alone discover more time than they’ve had in many years. They suddenly find themselves at a loss for activities to do and things to think about. Encourage your aging parent to think back to hobbies and crafts they once enjoyed but had to put away to raise a family. They now have time to resume these activities and perhaps learn a new skill.

If you have an aging parent or a loved one who lives alone and could benefit from socialization and an active lifestyle, consider the benefits of assisted living. OKC’s first affordable assisted living center has much to offer seniors to keep them mentally and physically healthy. At Village of Oakwood, seniors enjoy the comradery of other residents and are encouraged to participate in brain stimulating programs and activities. Contact us today for information and to request a tour of our facilities.

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