The Pros and Cons of Having a Roommate in Assisted Living

November 21st, 2019 by John Wilson

When many individuals consider making the move to assisted living care in Oklahoma City, they think of living in an apartment by themselves or with their spouse. However, there are other options, especially when you’re looking for the most affordable senior living solutions. Living with a roommate may not always seem like the most desirable choice, but it can offer a lot of benefits as well. Explore the pros and cons of this living arrangement in your senior years.

Differences in Habits

One of the biggest challenges individuals face when it comes to living with a roommate, especially when it’s someone they don’t know, is the differences in their habits. Perhaps you’re used to keeping things clean and organized and your new roommate is more carefree in this aspect. Maybe you’re someone who prefers to sleep in but your living companion wakes up early and starts making noise around the house. While some of these differences can be managed, others may cause things to quickly become uncomfortable for one person or the other.

Privacy Concerns

Affordable assisted living allows seniors to live with roommates.

Another common factor that causes seniors to hesitate to move in with a roommate, even if it means more affordable assisted living in OKC, is privacy. While you will have your own room in the apartment, there is a lot of shared space as well. This can lead some seniors to feel as if they don’t have much, if any, privacy. It’s essential to make sure both individuals in the situation are aware of ground rules as far as privacy is concerned and are able to follow those guidelines to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible.

Companionship Is Key

Loneliness can have many negative effects on a senior’s health, which is why companionship is such an important part of good elder care. This is one of the primary reasons individuals consider making the move to assisted living care in Oklahoma City. However, simply living in an assisted living facility with plenty of other seniors around isn’t enough if your loved one remains in their personal apartment and doesn’t venture out for social events. This can be resolved with the addition of a roommate. Having someone else around a majority of the time may be just what a senior needs to maintain their social life so they don’t experience the negative effects of loneliness.

Communication Is Essential

For any roommate situation to work well, it’s important for both parties to communicate effectively. Even if the transition is difficult, it can often be made easier when roommates are able to talk things out and come to an agreement. This type of living situation may not be ideal for seniors who are more stubborn or are set in their ways. However, it can be a great solution for those who want to live with someone else and can be a bit more flexible with their daily habits.

Sharing a living space is never easy, but it can often be a great way to socialize and get affordable senior living. If you’re interested in learning about this type of living arrangement, contact us. We can help you decide which option is best for your loved one.

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