The Process of Aging Is Not Just Physical, It’s Psychological and Social

August 6th, 2015 by John Wilson

Get help with all aspects of aging at assisted living communities.

Assisted living communities can handle all aspects of aging.

We can look at our elderly loved ones and visually see the changes they endure as they age. However, the aging process is far more than what you can see physically transpiring. While it is common to think a senior has lived their life and now has time to relax, there are many things that need to be dealt with as we age other than what is happening on the surface.

Dealing with the Future 

Aging is certainly a process that unfolds over time. As a person continues to age, they begin to accept their days on Earth are limited and they must determine how they are going to deal with death. Some may feel a sense of dread, and many elderly individuals may struggle with anxiety; but there is almost always a sense of uncertainty. Common concerns include:

Dealing with Less Independence

As seniors age, they may become less able to physically perform many of their favorite activities. They may no longer be able to take care of tasks around their home and might not be able to drive themselves to activities or appointments like before. For many senior adults, this can lead to a type of mourning or depression as they feel they are losing their independence. Many people have difficulty asking others to do what seems like the simplest tasks. In some cases, senior adults find themselves in a position of caregiving for their spouse or siblings whose health has declined. Assisted living communities in OKC provide senior care services that can help older adults maintain a certain level of independence while receiving necessary assistance.

Address social and mental aging issues with the help of senior care services.

Senior care services also address social and mental issues with aging.

Dealing with Grief

As seniors age, they have to deal with the fact many of their loved ones are passing away before them, including friends and family. It might be difficult for them to deal with the losses and grief in a healthy way. They can end up with feelings of being abandoned by those they love and often feel vulnerable themselves.

Ways to Help Seniors Cope

There are two areas of importance when it comes to our well-being: relationships and socialization. Seniors can be tempted to withdraw into isolation as they deal with changing life roles. Continuing to pursue social activities and participate in events that are interesting to them through senior care services will help keep them active and connected to the world around them.

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