The Importance of Vitamin D in Our Aging Population

April 23rd, 2014 by John Wilson

Vitamin D keeps the elderly healthier and safer.

Part of healthy senior living is getting enough sun for vitamin D production.

As we get older, the natural levels of vitamins and other nutrients in our bodies begin to deplete. Some of these elements are even more important in your later years because of the functions they serve. For instance, vitamin D is necessary to promote calcium absorption, which strengthens bones. Vitamin D is also good for muscle growth and heart problems. For these reasons, taking a vitamin D supplement is important for healthy senior living.

Reduce Falls and Injuries

One of the leading problems at assisted living facilities is falls and the injuries that result. While an assisted living residence can get the elderly the help they need quickly, the injuries often can’t be prevented. When seniors take the proper dosage of vitamin D, it promotes stronger bones and healthy muscles, reducing the risk of dangerous falls.

Maintain Mobility

Many elderly individuals want to avoid moving into a senior living home because they want to maintain their independence. However, this can become difficult when they suffer the normal loss of muscle that occurs as they age. The appropriate levels of vitamin D in the system promote healthy muscle growth to help seniors stay active and mobile.

Decrease Risk of Certain Health Problems

Many individuals who are living in senior living communities are often at an increased risk for diabetes, cancer or cardiovascular systems, solely due to their age. Vitamin D has many benefits that can reduce the risks of many of these ailments. It may not eliminate the chances of suffering from a serious medical condition as seniors age, but it can lower the risks and help them live a healthier lifestyle.

Improve Bone Density

Osteoporosis and other serious bone conditions are more likely to occur as we age. Consuming the appropriate amount of calcium is necessary to maintain bone density and build stronger bones, but vitamin D is also essential. This important vitamin aids the body in calcium absorption.

Increase Memory

Another issue common among seniors living in assisted living facilities is memory problems. It is natural to begin forgetting things as we age. However, there are things seniors can do to improve their memory. For instance, completing crossword puzzles or reading can help exercise the brain. Some studies have indicated that taking a vitamin D supplement may also help maintain memory.

Assisted living facilities allow the elderly to live in a safe environment while still maintaining a level of independence. The need for this type of community is due to the dangers that exist as we age. Some of these issues can be resolved with the addition of a vitamin D supplement, in addition to the amounts obtained from diet and exercise outside.

If you are looking for a senior living community with an emphasis on healthy living, contact us. We can help you make the right choice for your elderly relative.

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