The Impact of Chronic Pain in Seniors: Part 2

August 4th, 2015 by John Wilson

Pain management is part of caring for the elderly.

Caring for the elderly requires help with pain management.

Dealing with chronic pain and where you live may seem unrelated, but there can be some distinct benefits for those who deal with daily pain when they live in a community built around caring for the elderly. An assisted living community can make management and treatment of chronic pain easier and more convenient. For instance, treatment options, such as physical or occupational therapy, are often nearby and accessible. There is also plenty of assistance available to help with the tasks associated with daily living, which can be beneficial for someone who has to deal with pain on a continual basis.

Assisted Living and Proactive Pain Management

When pain is not well managed, it can become limiting, especially for older adults. Not only can a person become debilitated, they can also begin to feel isolated. Living in an assisted living community can alleviate this concern. When adults live by themselves, they often lack the daily interactions that allow them to continue to be mobile and social. In order to protect their mobility, it is essential for them to have motivation, encouragement and access to a variety of activities beneficial for them. An assisted living community can provide precisely what is needed to keep senior adults moving. Well organized activities encourage participation, helping seniors maintain an appropriate level of fitness and physical activity. Being active can be instrumental in helping manage chronic pain.

Your pain could be caused by senior health issues.

Senior health issues can be the cause of your pain.

Assisted Living Provides On-Site Treatment Options

Senior assisted living in OKC can provide resources and a variety of treatment options for managing chronic pain in the elderly. In some instances, pain medications are the last resort when other methods don’t work. According to the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry (AAAP), around one-fifth of adults aged 65 or older consume large amounts of pain medications, and many of the elderly who deal with chronic pain are addicted to them. Assisted living communities can help the elderly find alternative ways for dealing with chronic pain and other senior health issues. On-site nurses, doctors and therapists are trained to provide alternative therapies for pain management. This offers the elderly reasonable choices and a variety of convenient treatment options with professionals who are available to provide assistance at any time.

Assisted Living and Wellness Therapies for Chronic Pain

Over the last few years, assisted living centers have begun to offer a variety of wellness therapies for pain. Facilities offer residents multiple choices and work with them to provide wellness or holistic therapies as a proactive approach to dealing with chronic pain. They may offer a wide variety of treatments, such as:

Health professionals work individually with residents to develop a personal treatment plan. They work closely with the elderly so they can observe what is working and are readily available to make changes to treatment plans when needed. Pain management is more effective since health workers work directly with residents who are experiencing pain.

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