The Health Benefits of Walking for Seniors Citizens

March 1st, 2016 by John Wilson

There are many walking opportunities at affordable assisted living.

Affordable assisted living offers walking opportunities.

Walking is one of the easiest exercises you can do, especially when you are getting older and other methods of exercise become too difficult. When you find your loved one an assisted living community located in beautiful Oklahoma, walking will be more enjoyable, encouraging them to enjoy the many health benefits of this simple exercise.

Maintain Your Muscles

Have you ever heard the term, “use it or lose it?” This applies to your muscles as you get older. Many seniors spend a lot of time sitting because of fatigue and soreness. However, not moving on a regular basis can cause muscles to further deteriorate, which exacerbates the problem. Affordable assisted living in Oklahoma City often provides walking trails, along with other exercise methods, to encourage the elderly to take the right steps to maintaining muscle mass.

Prevent Depression

The correlation may not be immediately clear, but when seniors spend more time indoors, watching television or doing other sedentary activities, their risk of depression increases. While many elderly people don’t want to head to the gym and complete a full workout, the idea of taking a pleasant stroll can be quite appealing. Senior assisted living in OKC can offer a beautiful landscape for walking, all while being in close proximity to help if needed. Seniors may even meet new people while out on walks, helping them be more social and lowering the risk of depression.

Walking as exercise is easy in senior assisted living.

Senior assisted living understands the importance of walking as exercise.

Improve Your Mood

While it may seem exercising would make you feel tired, it’s proven walking and other exercises can actually decrease the amount of fatigue you experience. In addition to improving your energy levels, exercise can also enhance your mood. Seniors will feel better about themselves and be more willing to enjoy time with family and friends.

Reduce Health Risks

Another major benefit of walking through a community located in beautiful Oklahoma is a reduction in health benefits. Seniors who spend time strolling through the property on a regular basis will enjoy a decreased risk of diabetes, heart disease, colon cancer and more. Talking to your doctor about your health ricks can help you decide how often and how far you should be walking to get the most benefit.

Walking may seem like one of the most basic exercises, but it can be an effective way to keep seniors active without stressing their joints. The good news is there are many health benefits to walking when living in affordable assisted living in Oklahoma City. Individuals will enjoy a lower risk of depression and other health issues, improve their mood and energy levels and keep their muscles strong and active.

If you’re looking for assisted living in OKC, contact us. The Village at Oakwood has a beautiful campus in Oklahoma, offering residents the chance to enjoy the outdoors and the surrounding environment.

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