The Colors You Choose for Your Senior Assisted Living Apartment Have a Psychological Impact on Your Mood

June 11th, 2015 by John Wilson

The colors used in senior assisted living can have a positive impact.

Choose the right colors for senior assisted living.

When someone asks what colors we enjoy, our choice not only shows what we prefer, but also reflects our personality. Color can impact our mood and feelings of well-being and can also elicit strong emotions in us. Whether you are preparing to move a loved one into new senior housing in Oklahoma City or simply working on updating the decorating scheme in your older parent’s current residence, choosing the right colors is essential.

Using Color as a Form of Therapy

Color therapy, also known as chromotherapy, uses color to help heal certain conditions. Although the effects of color therapy have not been fully proven scientifically, there’s no denying the colors in which we surround ourselves affect us on a personal level. When selecting a color, you’ll want to ensure your loved one in senior assisted living ends up with something that will enhance their surroundings and calm their spirit, yet still reflect their own special personality.

How Color Selection Impacts Your Senior Emotionally

When we choose colors for sprucing up our homes, we draw not only on our tastes, but on our memories. We might choose lively, invigorating colors for the living and kitchen areas and more restful colors for sleeping quarters. The different hues we select affect our moods, making us happy, relaxing us or even causing our heads to ache so it’s a good idea to know which colors to lean toward as you redecorate.

Senior Assisted Living Color Tips

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