The Best Tablets and Apps For Seniors in Assisted Living

March 17th, 2016 by John Wilson

Lighter weight and easier to hold, tablets can often be a better choice than a laptop computer for seniors looking for a device able to handle basic Internet and communication needs. A tablet has many practical uses for a resident of a senior living center in Oklahoma City. Between its value as a means of communication and the wide selection of apps, a tablet can be a smart investment for a senior.

In addition to keeping relationships with family and friends strong, a tablet can serve as a great tool for improving communication with health care providers. There are numerous apps able to help seniors set and achieve important health goals. Tablets can be quite entertaining as well, with plenty of game apps and ebook reading apps.

Tablets Best for Seniors

Tablets that are sturdy enough to be dropped a time or two, are simple to use, with touch screens that are not oversensitive and offer good value for the money are the best tablets for the elderly. That doesn’t rule out low-priced, bargain brands, but it does mean seniors should be selective about the tablet they do buy.

The Samsung Galaxy line of tablets tend to be well made and fairly sturdy. For a senior who has a heavier or less controlled touch, however, the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro is likely a less frustrating choice than the standard Samsung Galaxy Note. That’s because the standard Galaxy Note’s touchscreen requires a lighter touch to use well. An experienced tablet user with good motor control will do fine with it.

Notable for ease of use and great battery life, these tablets also feature a healthy memory. The Pro doesn’t have a SIM slot for added memory, but the standard version does. However, some would argue the Pro version is so functional it doesn’t need additional memory. This is also an affordable tablet, though not the least expensive.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is another good choice, though it is a bit more costly. Between its performance and optional accessories, including an external keyboard, this tablet can come pretty close to a laptop in form and function. Some say its superior function comes from a slight sacrifice in speed, but others say if it is just a little slower, the better overall function is worth it.

Learn the best iPad apps for the elderly.

The best iPad apps for the elderly can provide many benefits.

Excellent Apps

The best iPad apps for the elderly have excellent counterparts for use with tablets that aren’t made by Apple. Skype is a great app for staying in touch with family and friends, as well as for having virtual appointments and consultations with health care providers. Luminosity features games and puzzles designed specifically to exercise the mind, an important part of protecting long-term cognitive function and health. Medisafe helps keep medication and other aspects of treatment plans organized, providing reminders for when medications need to be taken and similar helpful services. There are numerous music and game apps, as well as apps for audio books and more. Many apps are free or low-cost. Contact us for more information about the best tablets and apps for seniors.

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