The Benefits of Family Visits for a Parent in Assisted Living

June 16th, 2016 by John Wilson

Family visits hold a variety of benefits for parents living in assisted living communities. While many seniors are excited about the move to a senior living center in Oklahoma City and look forward to the social opportunities and convenient lifestyle, some can feel a bit anxious about the change. Regular family visits can help ease their transition, get them settled in and help them start enjoying all assisted living has to offer.

Aging Isn’t Easy for Anyone

One of the most important benefits of family visits is they offer emotional support at a critical point in life. It’s important to remember the transition to assisted living often involves much more than a change of address. Seniors making the transition because it is no longer safe for them to live alone are likely to also be working through some difficult psychological tasks.

That loss of independence and what it symbolizes isn’t an easy thing to deal with, not on top of the other losses typical of this stage of life. It’s important to be sensitive to not just the physical aspects of aging, but also the psychological aspects, and to provide the caring emotional support a parent needs to better navigate the challenges aging can present.

Benefit loved ones with a visit while in assisted living.

Visit your family members in assisted living.

Reduce Loneliness

It takes some people more time than others to adapt to new social situations. Family visits can be an important part of helping your parent avoid feeling lonely during the time it takes them to build a network of friends in their assisted living community. You can help that process along by spending time with your parent in community common areas and being outgoing and friendly to other residents. Don’t embarrass your parent by being blatantly obvious about trying to help them make friends. Be subtle.

Protect Health and Well-Being

Family visits to a parent in assisted living in Oklahoma City can be an important part of helping protect their overall health. You have the opportunity to create relationships with caregivers and administrative personnel, making it easier to advocate for a parent if a need arises. When you establish a relationship with caregivers, you provide them with an important avenue of communication, helping them better care for your parent.

Regular visits from family members can encourage healthy habits. Stopping in to spend time with a parent is a great opportunity for sharing a healthy meal, taking a walk together or doing a puzzle or project together. Those types of activities can have a positive impact on physical and mental health, including helping alleviate or avoid depression. They can also help you track your parent’s well-being and see if there are significant physical or mental changes.

Visiting lets a parent know they are still a loved, vital part of the family. Even if your parent is quite the social butterfly and has made a lot of new friends in their assisted living community, family visits are still important. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of family visits for your parent.

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