The Benefits of Being Computer Savvy As You Age

May 23rd, 2019 by John Wilson

With all of the technological advances that have developed over the last couple of decades, it may serve as no surprise that computers have become an essential element of daily life. For many, this means taking the scary step of learning how to use these machines for social interaction and other purposes. This can be difficult for those in Oklahoma assisted living. The good news is there are many benefits to becoming computer savvy, and senior living communities in Oklahoma City are making it easier than ever for seniors to learn how.


Playing games isn’t just for kids. In fact, playing video games can have many advantages for seniors as well, including stimulating their minds and their bodies. We all understand the importance of stimulating the brain to help keep it healthy. Playing video games can actually improve memory, boost attention spans and increase the ability to sequence events. These can have a number of advantages in the daily lives of seniors.

Social Interactions

It’s critical for seniors to get enough social interaction to prevent loneliness, along with a vast number of other issues that are often tied into feeling alone. With the use of computers, seniors are able to keep in touch with family members, no matter how far away they may be. In addition, they can join communities with similar interests, helping them converse with others like them. While it’s important to do this in person as well, the Internet can make these interactions easier, especially when seniors are suffering from mobility issues.

Those in senior living should know how to use computers.

Computers make senior living easier.

Useful Applications

You’ve probably heard someone say, “There’s an app for that!” This really does hold true. For anything you may want to do, learn or keep track of, there’s likely been an app developed for that specific purpose. Residents of senior living in OKC can use a vast number of apps to help them remember to take their medications, track their physical activity and more.

Product Delivery

Mobility issues can often make regular tasks difficult for the elderly. Things like grocery shopping and running other errands become more of a hassle. When seniors learn how to use the Internet and computers, however, this problem is virtually eliminated. You can have pretty much anything delivered straight to your door when you order online, including groceries, household products, medications and much more. There’s no longer a need to leave your home in order to get the items you need to live your daily life.


Computers can make it easier to do a lot of things seniors may struggle with on their own due to normal aging factors or medical issues. One of the biggest struggles the elderly have is feeling like they are losing their ability to live independently. The Internet can help alleviate some of these issues and help seniors feel more confident in themselves.

If you’re looking for senior living communities in Oklahoma City, contact us. We do everything we can to help seniors live the best lives possible.

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