The Benefits of Audio Books for Seniors in Assisted Living

January 18th, 2018 by John Wilson

Reading can offer a number of benefits to everyone. It can take you new places and encourage learning. However, as people get older, especially when they move into senior living communities in Oklahoma City, they may find it more difficult to read, particularly for longer periods of time. Instead of giving up reading, consider audio books. Then you can still continue to reap all the benefits reading can provide, regardless of the genre you love to read.

The Power of Voices

Believe it or not, if you’re feeling lonely, simply hearing other people talk can help alleviate these feelings and help you feel like you’re not alone. Audio books can provide that voice and give seniors a sense someone is in the room with them. While it won’t provide a conversation or socialization, it can be incredibly beneficial simply to hear someone else’s voice as if they are talking to you. Some seniors even pretend it is a loved one reading to them to help them feel more connected.

Overcome Vision Difficulties

One of the reasons many seniors in senior care in Oklahoma City, OK don’t continue to read is because they struggle with their vision. Even with corrective lenses, they may find reading too difficult a lot of the time. Audio books can resolve this issue, allowing the elderly to enjoy the stories they love without having to read it themselves. They won’t have to worry about how small the print in a book is or whether they know where their glasses are. They can simply play the audio file and listen to someone read the book to them instead.

Seniors in senior living communities can benefit from audio books.

Senior living communities encourage seniors to listen to music.

An Affordable Option

Books can be costly in print. Because seniors are often on limited budgets, this can greatly restrict the number of books they can enjoy. However, audio books are often more affordable than buying books in print and can even be rented from libraries and other services, so seniors can easily enjoy a large number of books at their leisure.

Relief from Physical Ailments

Many of the residents of senior communities have issues with their hands, particularly in the form of arthritis. This can make holding a book for a period of time and even turning the pages difficult and perhaps painful. The severity of the problem can vary depending on the size of the book and its weight. Listening to audio books can be the ideal solution to this problem. Seniors can enjoy their favorite stories without the pain and discomfort of holding a physical object.

Senior living communities in Oklahoma City, OK, understand the limitations of their senior residents and want to make it easier for them to enjoy their passions and hobbies. Audio books can be a great way to help the avid reader continue their favorite hobby or even to help combat feelings of loneliness.

If you’re looking for senior communities that do everything they can to help their senior residents enjoy life, contact us. We can help you make the best choices for your aging loved one.

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