Talking to Your Parents About Common Assisted Living Fears

June 13th, 2017 by John Wilson

Change can be difficult for anyone, especially for seniors who are going through many other changes in their lives. It isn’t uncommon for these individuals to have some fears about making the move to assisted living communities after living independently for so many years. One of the best things you can do for your parents is to sit down with them and talk about these fears, just like they did for you when you were young. Alleviating some of their fears about assisted living care in OKC can help make the transition easier.

Nothing to Do

Many seniors fear they will lose their independence and become bored living in assisted living communities. They envision sitting in a sterilized room with nothing more to do than watch TV, read or listen to the radio. Fortunately, assisted living services have largely changed over nursing homes in the past. Show your parents brochures and websites of assisted living facilities and point out all the activities and amenities available. In many cases, seniors will have more to do than they could living on their own and will be able to make new friends with like-minded seniors.

There are plenty of activities at assisted living services.

Assisted living services provide plenty of activities.

Too Expensive

After paying off their home, seniors often fear moving into assisted living will quickly drain their financial resources. There are programs designed to help seniors afford this type of living arrangement. For the amounts not covered by these programs, assisted living may require some careful budgeting, but for most people, it can be an affordable option without using up a senior’s financial resources too quickly, especially when you consider the cost of in-home care.

I’ll Be Forgotten

One of the biggest fears seniors have is being forgotten by their family and friends. When they age in place, they feel people are more likely to stop by for a visit or to help them out. However, assisted living facilities encourage family and friends to come for a visit, making it convenient to join in on activities and really get involved. When you talk to your parents, assure them you will drop by for visits, just like you would in their home. Point out how they will be able to show you around their new surroundings and introduce you to their new friends.

Low Quality Care

There are many stories of nursing home abuse that can cause fear in your loved one. Assisted living is not only different in structure, but it also makes it easier for your loved one to get the quality care they may require. Most facilities have on-site medical staff on call at all times and offer assisted living services like medication management to help.

It’s normal to have some fears about moving into assisted living. The important thing is you don’t allow your parents to deal with it on their own. Talking to them about their concerns and showing them hard evidence to dispute those fears can go a long way toward making this decision easier and ensuring a smoother transition.

If your parents are facing the decision to move to assisted living, contact us. We can provide you with valuable information that can help alleviate some of their fears and concerns.

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