Talking To Your Parent(s) About Assisted Living

December 31st, 2015 by John Wilson

There's a better way of talking about assisted living.

Learn how to talk to your parent about assisted living.

Does the idea of moving your parent to assisted living give you butterflies in your stomach? Is it because you fear a negative reaction from your parent or because you can’t bear the thought he or she has reached that age? Perhaps it’s both of these factors that cause undue stress.

What many of us don’t realize is our parents have already given plenty of thought about the time when they can no longer live in their home. They hear about their own friends moving, or they have just grown weary of yard work and housekeeping. Perhaps they’ve already suffered a fall and haven’t told you, or the old neighborhood has changed and they no longer feel safe living alone. Leaving their home probably crosses their mind every day.

Timing Is Everything

It’s best you don’t broach the subject after an accident or illness occurs. Your parent will already be in an uncomfortable state and more apt to resist the idea of moving during that stressful time.

The best time to bring up the topic is when all is well. Maybe you’ve just seen a commercial together about senior living or heard about one of their friends moving there. Ask your parent what they know about assisted living communities. People in our parent’s generation may have a negative impression and remember the old institutional nursing homes of the 60’s, where their parents may have stayed.

Dispel the Myths

Take the time to show your parent some websites to help dispel any negative ideas they may have. There are many communities of assisted living for seniors in Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas that provide a wonderful lifestyle for the elderly. Rather than losing their independence, explain to your parent how they will be gaining the freedom to engage in new activities in a safe environment. There would be help if needed, but the key word is “living.” In other words, help them understand their life doesn’t stop there, and it will most likely get better. This should give your parent something different and positive to think about.

Learn how to make the decision of assisted living for seniors easier.

Assisted living for seniors can be a difficult decision.

It’s a Family Affair

Typically, it is the child in closest proximity to the parent who begins the discussion about when and how to provide the best care. When you have siblings, speak with them first and gain their support before approaching your parent. Here are some helpful tips to start the conversation.

If your parent currently lives in Oklahoma, rest easy knowing there is affordable assisted living for seniors in Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas. Contact us at the Village at Oakwood to explore your options.

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