Surviving the Loss of a Spouse

May 23rd, 2017 by John Wilson

One of the reasons many seniors transition from living independently in their own home and decide to look into assisted living options in Oklahoma City is their long-time spouse dies. Learning to survive the loss of a beloved husband or wife is one of the toughest challenges many people will face in their entire lives. Here is more information about what a grieving senior feels when a spouse dies and some tips for helping him cope.

Signs of Tremendous Grief

When a loved one dies, it’s expected his or her survivors will cry often and, at times, those crying spells will come seemingly from out of the blue. Grief also manifests in ways that are more surprising. Someone who is grappling with the loss of a spouse may feel angry about the sense they’ve been abandoned. They may feel guilty they have outlived their spouse. They probably feel scared and anxious about what the future has in store. Insomnia, loss of appetite and trouble concentrating are all common symptoms that go hand in hand with grief.

Consider affordable assisted living after the death of a souse.

Affordable assisted living can be a good environment after the loss of a spouse.

Helping a Loved One Cope with Loss in the Beginning

First and foremost, everyone grieves in a different way and in a varying timeframe. Be patient and be a good listener. Step in and help with cleaning, meal preparation, transportation home repairs and other tasks, even when you’ve not been asked. Offer to help the surviving spouse go through the deceased spouse’s belongings. This is a highly emotional undertaking that, if handled correctly, can be therapeutic. Simply stopping by, sitting and being a quiet shoulder to lean on can help a grieving spouse cope.

A Longer Term Strategy: Seniors Can Thrive After Loss

It’s tough to believe early on, but there is life after loss, and it can be a great life. There is no need for a widowed senior to live alone in an empty house when he can take advantage of senior care services in OKC, including affordable assisted living, that encourage him to forge new relationships. Taking up a new hobby, volunteering in some way or joining a support group can all help a senior transition to the new normal of life without a spouse. It takes time, but with support, seniors can learn to love life again.

Losing a spouse is one of the most difficult things an individual may have to go through. At first, it may seem the loss is insurmountable and you will never smile, laugh or enjoy life again. With time and assistance from caring individuals, you can get through this dark time and discover there is much to live for. One major benefit of partaking in assisted living options in Oklahoma City after the loss of a spouse is you’re never alone. If you or a loved one is struggling to cope with loss, we are here to listen and help. Contact us at Village at Oakwood, a compassionate and affordable assisted living option for your loved one.

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