Studies Show Vitamin C Helps Prevent Cataracts in Seniors

June 7th, 2016 by John Wilson

A King’s College London study led by professor of ophthalmology Dr. Christopher Hammond and recently published in Ophthalmology, an American Academy of Ophthalmology publication, found vitamin C plays a key role in eye health. A diet rich in vitamin C, according to the study, can reduce the risk of developing cataracts by a third, making the dietary support available in assisted living communities in OKC especially important to senior vision health.

Vitamin C May Have Greater Impact Than Genetics

Globally, cataracts are the top cause of blindness so this is a study that may have far reaching implications. According to the study, genetics may account for just 35 percent of the average person’s cataract risk, with diet and lifestyle making up the rest. A diet rich in Vitamin C is associated not only with a decreased risk of developing contracts, but also with a significant slowing of the progression of cataracts.

Proper nutrition is essential to eye health and vision. Shopping and meal preparation can pose quite a challenge to a senior with health problems or limitations in mobility. All too often, seniors living alone fall short on their daily nutrients. Some don’t have ready access to fresh nutrient-rich foods and end up relying upon easy-to-prepare and store processed foods. However, seniors with access to assisted living healthcare in Oklahoma City have better options.

Assisted living healthcare includes eye exams.

Eye care is an important part of assisted living healthcare.

Nutrition Important to Overall Eye Health

It’s not just cataracts vitamin C can impact. Macular degeneration is another common vision problem among seniors that can be positively impacted by proper nutrition. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, vitamin A, copper and zinc, can offer protection against this degenerative eye disease. Protecting vision is a vital part of keeping seniors safe, preventing falls and preserving overall happiness and well-being.

Eating Well Is Easier in Assisted Living

Living in a senior living center in Oklahoma City can make eating a healthy, vitamin C rich diet far easier. When seniors eat with a friendly dining partner, they tend to have a healthier appetite. If their dining partner is a good dietary influence, seniors tend to eat better, healthier foods. Assisted living communities in OKC provide ample opportunity for companionship.

Food service is commonly available in assisted living centers so seniors don’t have to worry about cooking, another way assisted living arrangements make it easy for seniors to eat well. In general, it is better to get nutrients from real whole foods than from supplements. Nutritional supplements do have a purpose. That purpose is to effectively and efficiently resolve a nutritional deficiency. However, they should never be used as a long-term substitute for eating well.

Contact us to learn more about how assisted living can play a key role in helping to preserve senior eye health and vision. Find out more about how important it is for seniors to eat a nutritious daily diet, made up of real, nutrient-rich foods.

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