Social Isolation: Just One More Reason to Consider an Assisted Living Center in OKC

April 26th, 2016 by John Wilson

As humans, we are designed to be social creatures. While the aches and pains of getting older can make aging difficult, one underlying issue driving health problems in seniors is social isolation. Instead of living in an assisted living center in OKC, some elderly people isolate themselves from the world.

Your senior loved one should never live alone, which is where senior living in Oklahoma City comes into play.  Times can be tough as the years add up, but facing them alone is not the solution. Don’t let social isolation affect the health of your older family members.

Here are five startling facts about social isolation for seniors:

Changes Breed Isolation

Even if you’re loved one was once a social butterfly, there are big changes in later life that can cause loneliness. Losing a spouse is always difficult. If their grandchildren are far away, many elderly people feel even greater sadness. Cold, harsh winters and the inability to access transportation also lead to isolation and the feelings that follow.

Isolation and Mortality

Studies have proven a strong correlation between times spent alone aging and death. Senior citizens who are socially isolated are often at a much greater risk of passing away early. Being able to interact with others is vital to mental health, while certain acute medical issues would not be noticed while alone.

You can make friends in senior living.

Senior living should be filled with friends.

Mental Health Is Physical

Our mind is the strongest muscle in the body. Seniors who report being lonely have more issues with mental health. Mental health is directly related to physical health, and many of these elderly people battling loneliness lack fresh air and movement because they stay indoors all day. Both of these factors are essential to well-being and good mental and physical health.

Depression All Too Common

Many senior citizens come from a generation that didn’t put a lot of stake in mental health and depression. “Suck it up,” was all too common for those who spoke about how they felt. These factors combined with social isolation can lead to numerous bouts of depression for elderly loners.

Developing Disease

Being social gives the elderly a chance to stay sharp and fight the neurological decay that can occur. Isolation leads to rapidly progressing dementia and Alzheimer’s in many seniors. Loneliness has been linked to low cognitive function in older people.

If you’re searching for assisted living communities in OKC, we hope you’ll contact us. Here at the Village at Oakwood, our residents enjoy a variety of activities designed to keep social interactions available and engaging. Our staff believes keeping your loved ones social will ensure they stay healthier and happier.

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