Signs Your Senior Loved One Is Hiding Memory Loss or Dementia

January 26th, 2017 by John Wilson

Short-term memory loss is one of the first telltale signs your aging loved one may be developing Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. The problem is this fact is well-publicized. Seniors may be of advanced age, but that doesn’t necessarily mean their IQs have decreased! Often, the first people who realize the signs of memory loss or dementia are those who are in the early stages of these diseases. They’re smart enough to hide their symptoms from loved ones, often out of fear. For instance, they may have anxiety surrounding a transition from independent living to assisted living in Oklahoma City. Read on for three telltale signs your senior loved one may be hiding memory loss or dementia.

Your Once Social Loved One Has Become Withdrawn

Someone who realizes he’s suddenly becoming much more forgetful may worry he’s developing memory loss. That’s worrisome, and can cause him to avoid other people so he can hide the symptoms and not raise suspicion. Dementia also causes changes in personality that can cause someone to lose interest in activities he used to enjoy. Keeping your senior loved ones safe requires you to be on the lookout for these subtle behavioral changes.

Addressing memory issues is essential for keeping your senior loved ones safe.

Keeping your senior loved ones safe means addressing memory issues.

Your Loved One Refuses to Allow You to Enter Her House

Confusion goes hand in hand with memory loss and dementia. Common physical manifestations of confusion in the home are clutter, chaos and uncleanliness. If you are rebuffed when you stop by to visit, consider that a huge red flag. Persist until you are allowed into your loved one’s home. Be prepared for what you may find but also be ready to spare judgement. If you’re convinced it’s time for your loved one to transition to assisted living in Oklahoma City, choose your words carefully, be patient and educate yourself so you can be ready to counter all of his objections with positive reasons assisted living healthcare in Oklahoma City is the best option.

Your Once Fiercely Independent Loved One Is Suddenly Over-Reliant on Caregivers

Dementia and memory loss may cause usually routine tasks to seem monumentally difficult. After several instances of starting a task and being unable to complete it because they become sidetracked or confused, seniors learn to fast track their needs by asking for help from a spouse or caregiver. Asking for help isn’t always a sign of memory loss or dementia, but it could be if it is a new development that seems out of character.

Life is a progression of ages and stages. For many seniors, memory loss and dementia will be part of their life’s tapestry. When they live in a safe and supportive Oklahoma assisted living facility, seniors struggling with memory loss and dementia can still enjoy a fulfilling quality of life. Village at Oakwood is such a place. Our compassionate, skilled team has one goal: keeping our residents safe and giving them an outstanding quality of life. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a tour.

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