Signs Your Elderly Parent May Need Assisted Living

January 29th, 2015 by John Wilson

Seniors often show signs of needing living assistance.

Find out whether your loved one needs senior living assistance.

As our parents age, we find ourselves in the position of watching over them, much in the same way they used to watch over us. While we want to honor our parents’ need for independence as much as possible, there may come a time when it’s necessary to consider assisted living facilities. Here are some things to think about when deciding if your elderly parent will require assisted living.

Poor Hygiene

You may begin to notice odors attached to your parent that indicate they are not washing properly or are becoming incontinent.

Lack of Appetite

If you notice your parent is losing weight, they may not be eating right. Check out their refrigerator to see if food is left to spoil. Ask your parent whether they are still cooking and take note of their response. If it seems too much effort for them, this can be another sign they need living assistance.


We all forget things from time to time, but if you notice a pattern of forgetfulness in your parent, this may be a sign they need assisted living. While forgetting to take out the trash may not cause much of an issue, if the forgetfulness is making your parent miss their medication on a regular basis, this can present a serious health problem.

Their Normally Neat House Becomes Messy

Your parent has always kept an orderly house, and suddenly loses interest in keeping it clean.

Indications of Falling or Unsteadiness

If you notice signs your parent is getting more wobbly and experiencing falls or unsteadiness, this could be a sign they need living assistance.

Stacks of Mail Left Unattended

You notice mail is not being opened. Bills come in but aren’t being paid on time.

Neglecting Appointments

This may indicate a parent is having difficulty managing their day-to-day scheduling or may indicate a health issue.

Singed Pots and Pans

Burn marks on the bottoms or sides of your parent’s pots and pans could be a sign your parent is experiencing some memory loss.

Confusion or Disorientation

Becoming disoriented or losing their way in what should be a familiar location or the inability to recognize people or family who should be well known to them can mean more serious issues exist.

Changes in Behavior or Speech

If your parent begins to show a change in their speech patterns, a change in how they behave or becomes unusually aggressive, this may be an indicator it is time to visit some assisted living facilities.

Unexplained Car Scratches

Noticing car scratches or dings that weren’t previously there may indicate your parent is having trouble driving as well as they used to. Taking a ride with them to monitor their driving ability from time to time can help you decide whether your parent is having an issue in this area and if their driving presents a safety issue.

If you are ready to look into assisted living for your parent, the Village at Oakwood provides caring homes for the elderly in Oklahoma City. Contact us and learn about our individualized services, designed to meet all your loved one’s needs.

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