Signs Your Aging Parent Isn’t Eating Enough

August 15th, 2017 by John Wilson

While most seniors aren’t trying to starve themselves, it isn’t uncommon for an elderly person to not eat as much as they should for a number of reasons. Some of them do it for financial reasons, but even those who are living in affordable assisted living in Oklahoma City may find they aren’t keeping up with their nutritional needs. Therefore, it’s important to keep an eye on your aging parents to identify if they are getting enough food.

Clothes Not Fitting Well

It’s not uncommon for seniors to see fluctuations in their weight for a number of reasons, but excessive weight loss should not happen. It may be difficult to see whether your loved one is losing too much weight, but one tell tale sign is whether their clothing fits well. If clothing that once fit an elderly relative well is now hanging off their body, it’s time to have a discussion about eating habits, which may involve including assisted living communities in OKC.

Increased Illnesses

Illness isn’t something new to seniors, but it can be a sign they aren’t eating enough as well. While serious illnesses aren’t commonly caused by a lack of nutrition, it can be a contributing factor. However, what you are really looking for is an increase in more common ailments, such as colds and the flu. If your loved one is suffering from these conditions on a more regular basis or it is taking much longer to overcome than is typically considered normal, it may be time to take a closer look at their eating habits.

Seniors eat better in assisted living options.

Assisted living options offer a kitchen space for seniors.

Little Food in the Home

If your senior loved one is still aging in place, be sure to check their cabinets and refrigerator when you come by for a visit. Talk to your loved one to try to find out what’s going on. While they may legitimately need to go to the grocery store, if it is happening on a regular basis, there may be cause for concern. At this point, it may be best to start talking about assisted living options, rather than aging in place.

Changes in Spending Time with Friends

For seniors, eating is often a social thing, just as much as for nutritional needs. This is why you may find groups of elderly friends going out for breakfast on a regular basis. If these outings slow down or stop, it could be a sign your loved one is no longer eating as they should. This may be another good time to start discussing affordable assisted living in Oklahoma City as an alternative to trying to ensure they are properly fed.

It can be difficult to identify if your senior loved one is eating enough simply by talking to them. It’s important to visit them on a regular basis and pay attention to warning signs. Once you notice a senior isn’t getting enough nutrition, it is time to step in and help guide them so they can build up their immune system and stay healthier.

If you are looking at assisted living options to ensure your senior loved one is properly cared for, contact us. We make sure our residents have access to all the healthy food they need.

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