Should Your Aging Parent Still Be Living at Home Alone?

August 27th, 2019 by John Wilson

Seniors are often hesitant about leaving the homes they’ve lived in for many years and may have even raised their family in. They don’t want to lose their independence. However, many elderly individuals don’t realize assisted living care in Oklahoma City isn’t like the nursing homes of old. Instead, these communities are more like apartment complexes for seniors, giving them the independence they’re looking for, all while keeping help close at hand when they need it. Let’s explore how to determine whether your aging parent should make this move rather than remaining in their home alone.

Seniors can benefit from moving to assisted living communities.

Assisted living communities can have many benefits for seniors.

Safety Concerns

We’re all familiar with the concept of childproofing a home so mobile babies and toddlers remain safe. However, seniors can also have safety issues when it comes to remaining in their own homes. Balance is often affected by age and increases the risk of tripping and falling, which can cause serious injuries. There are a large number of safety concerns you should think about and watch for to help you determine if your loved one would be better off in assisted living communities in OKC. Seniors are more susceptible to tripping over cords or loose rugs, as well as to slips and falls in the bathroom.

Falling isn’t the only safety concern you may have regarding your aging loved one. The kitchen becomes one of the most dangerous places for some seniors, behind the bathroom. Due to memory issues, some aging individuals may forget to turn off the stove or oven, increasing the risk of fire in the home. They are also more likely to consume spoiled food due to changes in their taste buds or a failure to notice when food has gone bad. Driving can also become an issue, either increasing the risk of an accident if they do go out or leading to isolation if they remain at home. Finally, medical emergencies are also more likely.

Health Concerns

It’s not just about the physical safety of your aging loved one when they choose to remain in their homes. In fact, there are significant health concerns that also arise when seniors choose to age in place, whether it’s due to the cost of assisted living or they are simply reluctant to give up their independence. Seniors who age in place are far more likely to experience loneliness and become isolated from family and friends, which can increase the risk of depression, obesity, and a number of other health problems. They are also less likely to consume a healthy diet, leading to significant health risks.

If you’re concerned about the safety and health of a senior loved one who is living alone, contact us. We provide quality assisted living care in Oklahoma City designed to keep seniors safe and happy for the remainder of their lives.

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