Seniors Start Moving: You Are Never Too Old to Exercise!

May 9th, 2017 by John Wilson

If you are researching assisted living communities in OKC, there are certain things you probably look for: a caring staff, clean and cheerful accommodations, nutritious and delicious meals and affordability. There’s something else you should look for: a well-equipped, inviting workout room and programming that includes group exercise opportunities. Exercise is good for the body and the brain. Seniors can benefit from exercise in more ways than you may realize!

Regular Exercise Has Measurable Physical Health Benefits for Seniors

If you’re not convinced an active senior receives measurable health benefits sedentary seniors do not, here are specifics about how exercise improves health. Seniors who exercise:

Regular Exercise Also Has Mental Health Benefits for Seniors

Studies show exercise lowers stress and releases endorphins responsible for feelings of wellbeing and happiness. In seniors, exercise also reduces anxieties, such as the fear of falling. Seniors who may have never stepped inside a gym in their lives will gain self-confidence when they realize they can conquer gym equipment they had assumed was far too complicated for them. Regular exercise has been shown to improve memory and brain function and even prevents cognitive decline. Seniors who participate in group fitness classes, which many Oklahoma assisted living facilities offer, receive an added bonus: social stimulation!

It's important to be an active senior.

An active senior is a healthy senior.

Examples of Exercises That Are Safe and Beneficial for Many Seniors

People of any age should talk to their doctor before beginning any exercise regimen. Sometimes, people have physical limitations or medical conditions that make some types of exercise risky. Your physician can tell you what, if anything, is off limits and suggest types of exercise that may be most beneficial to you. Everyone is different, but here are some exercise regimens that are popular among seniors and are generally safe.

If you are researching assisted living communities in OKC for yourself or for a loved one, contact us at Village at Oakwood. Every member of our compassionate team strives to make residents’ lives engaging and enjoyable. One of our most popular amenities is our full-service exercise area, outfitted with a variety of fitness equipment and tools and, of course, a wall-mounted TV so residents can schedule their workouts around their favorite televisions shows!

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