Seniors Rejoice! Here Are 6 Ways Your Body Gets Better as You Age

May 17th, 2016 by John Wilson

If you are a senior, you’re probably well aware of some of the unavoidable, less-than-appealing aspects of aging. Here’s a pleasant surprise for you: in some ways, your body improves with age. That’s right, aging can actually be beneficial to your health! Here are six health benefits you can look forward to as you age.

Your Skin Is Less Prone to Acne and Shine

Acne is caused when oil and dirt become trapped in your pores. As we age, our skin becomes less oily and far less prone to acne. Oily skin is also the cause of that shiny look many people despise. If you’re one who doesn’t like to leave home without your powder compact, you’ll eventually realize you don’t need it anymore! Speaking of skin, another benefit of aging is you’ll be able to shave less often since hair growth slows. You’ll also be able to skip the deodorant because sweat glands shrink.

Migraine Headaches Dissipate

If you suffer from debilitating migraines, you’ll probably notice them become less frequent with age. By age 65, studies show most migraine sufferers report their migraine headaches have stopped altogether.

Discover the benefits of natural aging.

There are benefits of natural aging.

You Continue to Get Smarter

If you continue to challenge yourself and stay mentally active, you can expect your vocabulary and memory to improve as you age. That may come as a surprise to many seniors, who assume forgetfulness is just a part of the aging process. It doesn’t have to be! Doing crossword puzzles, learning a second language and even eating memory-boosting foods like blueberries can stave off memory decline and keep your brain sharp.

Allergies Become Less Severe

If you have spent your life sneezing through the changing seasons, here’s great news: by age 50, we produce less of the antibody that causes allergies. If you’re a senior living in Oklahoma City, you’ve got plenty of opportunities to get outside and enjoy nature. Now you can seize those opportunities without worrying you’ll trigger an allergy attack.

You’re Less Prone to Minor Viruses

As you age, expect to be sidelined by the common cold less often. Each time you are exposed to a virus, you develop antibodies against that virus. The older you are, the more antibodies you have and the less likely it is you will develop a common cold. Unfortunately, that protection doesn’t extend to the flu virus since that virus mutates each year. It’s important to protect yourself with regular flu shots.

Improved Libido

Thank hormones for the fact many seniors enjoy more satisfying sex lives than they did as young adults. That’s definitely a reason to cheer the benefits of natural aging!

There is plenty to celebrate about getting older and much to look forward to. If you wish to enjoy the best senior living Oklahoma City has to offer, contact us at the Village at Oakwood. Our community is designed to ensure seniors live life to the fullest surrounded by activities, friends and support.

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