Seniors Living at Home May Not Be Safe: Assisted Living Provides Safety and Security

May 3rd, 2016 by John Wilson

For many seniors, living at home might not be the best way to stay independent. For those who have trouble getting out and about, living alone can be isolating, boring and depressing. A simple, preventable accident could mean the end of mobility. The benefits of assisted living include the opportunity for an active social life and the safety and security necessary for peace of mind.

Considering Quality of Life

Whether you are a senior citizen yourself or simply care about a senior, an assisted living center might well be the last thing you want to think about. With help from friends and family, many can continue to thrive at home, but others cannot. Whether you’re worried about health, money or simply boredom, it’s important to think about whether staying at home as long as humanly possible is really the best option for you or your loved one.

The dangers of seniors living at home are physical, emotional or even financial. The depression caused by isolation can creep up on a person, slowly robbing less mobile elders of their quality of life. Many have trouble with balance or short-term memory, and simple daily chores can become too much. Forgetting a pan on the stove or leaving a space heater on could start a fire. Taking the wrong pill by mistake could cause a health emergency. Standing on a chair to water a plant could lead to a fall and a broken hip. For many older people, the loss of mobility after a major injury becomes permanent. Scam artists often specifically target seniors too. Assisted living offers comfort and safety so elders can get back to living a vibrant life.

There are many benefits of assisted living.

Socialization is one of the benefits of assisted living.

Looking at Types of Facilities

“Assisted living” is not just a new euphemism for “nursing home.” In fact, assisted living, memory care and nursing care are three different services. All three might be offered by the same provider but generally in separate facilities. The benefit of assisted living is it provides seniors who do not need memory care or nursing care the help they need to remain independent.

Remembering Priorities

Worried family members sometimes find themselves at odds with an elder who is understandably afraid of losing control. The dangers of seniors living at home, especially alone, are all quite real. Yet, there is no good reason safety should become an enemy of autonomy. There are many tools available for families to work together to keep senior members safe, secure and in charge of their own lives. An assisted living center in Oklahoma City can be one of those tools.

Contact the Village at Oakwood for senior assisted living, OKC style. The facility offers basic medication administration, help with bathing, dressing and grooming, basic maid service and laundry and other services, all available to any area resident at affordable prices. The Village staff is always happy to talk with potential residents and their families and anyone else in the community they serve.

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