Recognizing the Signs of Caregiver Burnout

March 22nd, 2018 by John Wilson

For many families, it only makes sense to take care of a senior loved one in your own home or provide care in their current home. If you make the decision to forgo affordable senior living in OKC, you will need to provide for all of the care your loved one needs. However, if you don’t take breaks, you could find yourself suffering from caregiver burnout. Before you reach this point, learning to identify the signs can help you cut it off before it becomes a serious problem.

Physical Signs

There are physical signs the act of caregiving for your senior loved one is taking a toll. You may notice unintended changes in weight, either losing or gaining weight, which is often because of changes in your eating habits. You may find yourself feeling sick to your stomach more often or you experience more headaches than you once did. If you’re getting sick more often than usual, it may be time to consider taking a break. Watch for issues with your sleeping patterns as well. If you are suddenly finding it difficult to sleep or you feel tired when you wake up every morning, you may be going through burnout or you may be close to it.

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Mental Signs

If affordable assisted living in Oklahoma City isn’t in the plans for your senior loved one and you are taking care of them, you may also notice changes to your mental health as well when you are headed for caregiver burnout. You may find you suddenly dread going to bed at night because it means getting up and doing it all over again in the morning. Caregivers who need a break may find they more easily get irritated or frustrated. These individuals may also experience similar symptoms to depression, including a loss of interest in the activities you enjoy.

Emotional Signs

How you feel about life can be a clear indicator as to whether you are having difficulty keeping up with the demands of providing elder care. Are you feeling underappreciated or like you’re working too much? This can be a clear indicator you need to take a step back and take a break before you find yourself at your wit’s end. If you previously enjoyed what you were doing and no longer find the same joy in it, it may be time to start looking at other options.

There’s no shame in seeking the best assisted living facilities when you feel you can no longer care for your senior loved one the way they need. However, if you are determined to take care of your aging loved one yourself, there are signs you can look for so you can arrange for an alternative care plan while you get some much needed rest.

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