Reading Is Beneficial for Seniors in Assisted Living

June 30th, 2016 by John Wilson

Regardless of one’s age, reading bridges the gap from the routine and introduces you to exciting new worlds, ways of looking at the world, adventures and poignant personal stories. For seniors, reading isn’t just an enjoyable pastime. Studies show reading lowers stress, improves sleep quality, sharpens memory and decision making and may even stave off dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The reasons to escape within the pages of a good book seem to grow with each passing year! One of the most enjoyable aspects of diving into a great book is being able to share and discuss it with others. Residents of senior living in Oklahoma City have many opportunities to do this with their peers! Whether your loved one likes to read in solitude or read as part of an informal book club, here are three reasons reading of any kind is great for seniors.

Improved Awareness

Many seniors who reside in an assisted living center in Oklahoma City struggle to remain focused on particular tasks. Reading a book requires focus and concentration, both of which improve awareness.

Reading can make senior living more entertaining.

Senior living can be made more enjoyable with reading.

Improved Intelligence, Memory and Mood

Simply put, the more you read, the more you will know. Regardless of age, learning something new is always rewarding and energizing. Knowledge gleaned through reading a good book often can help seniors in their daily lives. They may read an emotional story about an author who loses her spouse to illness. If a senior experienced a similar situation, she may learn coping skills or appreciate she’s not alone. Similarly, most people who read books frequently will come across unfamiliar words and be motivated to learn their meanings and incorporate them into their own vocabularies. Reading also stimulates the part of the brain associated with memory. Books have characters, plots and sub-plots. To follow the storyline, a reader must remember and keep track of them. The brain is a muscle, and reading is excellent exercise for that muscle. Studies show reading can forge new brain pathways to enhance memory.

A Welcome Escape

Even people who are young and fully mobile sometimes get into a rut. For seniors who may be bedridden or have limited mobility, one day may seem to blend into the next. With a great book, they can have an adventure without leaving home. If your senior loved one talks about feeling bored or lonely, bring him a stack of books or books on tape. Once he becomes drawn into the plot line, he may soon wonder where the time has gone because reading is that much of an escape. Books can entertain you and transport you to different worlds!

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