Questions You Should Ask When You Are Searching For Senior Living

May 28th, 2015 by John Wilson

Find the best place for senior living.

Choosing the right place for senior living is important.

The cost of assisted living, like many other costs, is on the rise due to a number of factors, including the larger aging population. If you’ve been considering assisted living facilities for an elderly loved one, you may not be sure where to even begin. Without getting the answers you need, you could find yourself paying too much for senior living in Oklahoma City. Before you commit to a facility, ask these questions.

What Are the Base Fees?

When you look at the cost of assisted living, you will be quoted a base rate that covers the basic services. Unfortunately, this isn’t typically the overall cost of senior living in Oklahoma City. This is just the starting point and may only cover a portion of the services offered, particularly those all residents need.

What Is Included in the Base Rate?

It’s important to identify what services are included in the base rate to ensure you won’t be surprised by the bill every month. Many assisted living facilities offer basic services as part of their base rate, including:

What Other Services Are Available?

Not all facilities for senior living in Oklahoma City offer the same additional services. Before you sign a contract for your loved one, ask about the optional services that are available and how much they will cost. Taking advantage of some of these services can greatly improve the quality of life for your loved one but will also impact the overall cost of assisted living.

How Do They Handle Personal Care?

Personal care is one of the most important elements of assisted living. You want to know your loved one will get the individual attention he needs without impeding on his sense of independence. Assisted living facilities should tell you the protocol for changing personal care requirements and how staff handles residents who resist help.

How Do They Handle Emergencies?

One of the most important reasons to consider assisted living facilities for seniors is for the emergency medical assistance they may need. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand exactly how assisted living facilities handle emergencies and what costs it can entail. While no one can predict what will happen, you need to know your loved one is in good hands should an emergency occur.

Making the decision to move into senior living in Oklahoma City can be a difficult one, but once you do your research, you can find the right place for your loved one. Asking these essential questions will help you weigh the cost of assisted living, as well as aid you in finding a facility where your loved one is content and well cared for.

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